Bloggers As a Church; Are We A Welcoming One?

church3As you know, some Christian blogs contain a “Community” section where other bloggers who follow them can be seen in their “face-tile” form. This human kaleidoscope provides a wonderful portal for surfing WordPress and discovering new blogs.

But it can also throw you for a loop. Some of the blogs you visit are distinctly un-Christian in their content. Sometimes it’s flat-out erotica (flee, men! Not even a hint!). Other times it’s coarse language and brazenly worldly talk. Other blogs are very gracious and gentle in tone, so much so that you feel guilty criticizing, but they do promote pantheistic “many ways to God” and “positive energy” ideas, or simple “inspiration” that’s ultimately empty and powerless to save.

Whatever the case, not all of WordPress clings to the stark, dirty beauty of the cross of Christ – or the glory of his empty tomb. Yet these unbelieving bloggers follow, and consistently like posts from, Christian bloggers whose Bible-derived beliefs leave virtually no room for theirs.

I’ve often wondered what’s going through their minds. Some of them are just hoping for a follow back. But not all of them.

For the past season, I’ve had an unwritten post draft directed towards those unbelieving bloggers. It was a challenge. “Why do you stick around? Do you understand how directly and entirely these Christian precepts contradict your own?” it was going to say, basically. “What are you going to do about these ideas? Why do you keep following and liking when you don’t seem interested in believing?”

And then – and I can only credit the Holy Spirit for breaching my foolishness so eloquently – a question surfaced in my mind in response.

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Still 5 More Tips for Christian WordPress Bloggers

Don’t mind me – just trying to share tips for successful blogging on the cornucopia of content that is WordPress! Not that I’m a guru or anything – I’m just sharing what I’ve found by experience. Read my previous 15 tips on the subject here, here, and here.


16. Use a Call to Action

If you’re frustrated that people don’t share your posts on social media, try asking them to. It may sound mind-bogglingly simplistic, but research has shown that people tend to do what you’re hoping them to do (in this case, share your post on social media) when you explicitly ask them, rather than hoping they’ll read your mind. I’ve got a sample Call to Action at the end of this post.


17. Get that first post up!

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Small Christian Blogs Worth Your Time II: Brainy Edition

You know the search bar at the top of our WordPress reader that says “Search billions of posts”? Yeah, that’s not intimidating at all.

Small-time Christian blogs have a hard time getting noticed in the midst of all of humanity’s blogging output (especially if we start getting censored, as happens on Youtube), so I’m doing my best to bring some new eyes to the quality ones.

I’ve already done one such post. This second installment is (mostly) for bloggers with a more theological or apologetic bent. If you’re into that sort of thing, you should enjoy this list (though, again, I make no guarantees that you’ll agree with every take on the disputable matters).

I can’t list 5,834 bloggers, so to qualify here, you must:

  • Produce posts that are semi-frequent and long enough to be of substance
  • Show Biblical maturity
  • Have less than 100 WordPress followers

I had more qualifying blogs left over from my first post, but ironically, several of them have gone over 100 followers (congratulations!) in the intervening months. So here’s ten that haven’t yet – though y’all will soon see to it, right?

Dive in.


“Faith, Philosophy, and Science” by Scientific Christian

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Yet Another 5 Tips for Christian WordPress Bloggers

We bloggers are obviously here to become echoers of God’s glory, not our own. Yet there are still valid reasons to seek a larger audience.

I have two previous posts (here and here) in what has now become a series on this subject – just the best things I’ve found have helped me. I’m no expert – just speaking out of experience. Here’s 5 more.


11. Don’t like your own posts.

It’s tacky.

12. Respond to every comment.

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Appreciating My Top 25 Likers

Let’s see, what do I have to do today?

Cook for next week, ponder the mysteries of the universe, cut my toenails, worship practice, and ah yes – appreciate the bloggers who like my posts consistently!

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Another 5 Tips for Christian WordPress Bloggers

I decided to write another one of these. You can find the first here, though that was shorter than this one. (And now you can find the third here.)


6. Use a great title

Believe it or not, a good title is probably 51% of your blogging work.

As I mentioned before, you’re not just writing – you’re competing. With hundreds of posts in everyone’s WordPress Reader. For those users, your title is their only introduction to your work. You have to ensure that it’ll actually tempt people to click.

Let’s sample some titles currently showing in my Reader:

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Small Christian Blogs Worth Your Time

If you’re done reading my odd garglings for the week, perhaps you’d like to peruse some other bloggers.

We all could use a little help at the start of our blogging journeys. The following blogs have less than 100 followers, write from the heart, and merit a glance from you voracious spiritual readers.

I’ll probably make this a semi-regular thing, ten blogs at a time. There will be more later, so if you didn’t make it into this one, please don’t hurt me. I have a family. Waiting in the wings. Someday. I hope.

To qualify for these posts, you must:

  • Produce posts that are semi-frequent and long enough to be of substance
  • Show Biblical maturity
  • Have less than 100 WordPress followers
  • Be willing to pay a service fee of $270.39 and a bag of jellybeans. Cash only, please. (I’ve just been informed that this sort of thing is not kosher, so don’t mind the last part.)


“The Ruminant Scribe” by Linda Mowles

“Helping Abuse Victims Fly through the Chaos” by Tammy Mathison

“Real Moms Don’t Judge, We Just Suggest” by Sheila Qualls

“You Can Trust Him” by Kim Nolywaika

“Kingdom Calling Blog” by kingdomcallingblog

“a different perspective” by William Strickland

“Father’s Service, Son’s Work, Spirit’s Gift” by Gadol Elohai

“Considering the Christian life, the Bible, and the Church” by Pastor Bob Mink by, of course, Beth and Jim Herring


“Under HIS Wings” by Loretta Schoen