Small Christian Blogs Worth Your Time: New Girls on the Block Edition

You’ve seen the first two posts. You’ve heard the rumors. Now get ready for…new girls on the block!

This is a collection of lady bloggers whom I’ve been privileged to meet and read. But not just any bloggers – new ones. We all need help getting noticed in the earsplitting deluge that is the internet, so these compilations are built in the hopes of bringing them some attention.


To qualify for these posts, you must:

  • Have less than 100 WordPress followers
  • Post semi-frequently
  • Show Biblical maturity and substance
  • Be a better writer than me. Wait, never mind, that’s everyone.


Kathleen Raygoza @ Huckleberry Coffee – A real-life friend. Heartfelt, drowned in Scripture, and also knowledgeable about the military wife life.

Adventures of a Single Pretzel – She’s not really new (she’s been blogging longer than I, actually), but she was one of my first followers…like, literally, one of the first five…so she gets a shout-out. Did I mention her writing is profound?

Ashleigh Rich –ย This one’s going all in. Fan page, series of posts, the whole nine yards. She seems to think she has a message, and I agree!

Joey @ Training for Eternity – Terrific insight. No punches pulled. Tune into Joey’s blog for life as it really is.

Get Real With D – Quite honest about the inner life and especially relationships. I recommend.

Lena Cavitt – Lena just followed me this week. Socially relevant, funny, and plenty of Scripture to sink your teeth into.

Lady in Waiting –ย She loves to put new spins on things, and it’ll make you think. Try her out!

Made Piece by Piece – This one has a way with words and mental pictures. “Growth” is a frequent tag with her.

AdriannaJ @ Your Godly Words – Come here for your weekly dose of the “boom words” of Christianity (if that’s even a phrase…is that a phrase?) – power, freedom, boldness, etc.


Megan Reedy @ Teaching in the Philippines – If that tag doesn’t interest you, her thoughts about total surrender to and intimacy with God should.


I’m out of town until Monday, but feel free to comment and I’ll reply then!


25 thoughts on “Small Christian Blogs Worth Your Time: New Girls on the Block Edition

  1. Brandon, Thank you so much for this post and for sharing my blog. Networking is such a blessing!! I often search for Christian blogs that will help strengthen my walk with the Lord so now I have new ones to follow. ๐Ÿ™Œ๐ŸผGod Bless you! Keep allowing God to use you because your words have been both an inspiration and a right on time blessing to me!

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