Small Christian Blogs Worth Your Time

If you’re done reading my odd garglings for the week, perhaps you’d like to peruse some other bloggers.

We all could use a little help at the start of our blogging journeys. The following blogs have less than 100 followers, write from the heart, and merit a glance from you voracious spiritual readers.

I’ll probably make this a semi-regular thing, ten blogs at a time. There will be more later, so if you didn’t make it into this one, please don’t hurt me. I have a family. Waiting in the wings. Someday. I hope.

To qualify for these posts, you must:

  • Produce posts that are semi-frequent and long enough to be of substance
  • Show Biblical maturity
  • Have less than 100 WordPress followers
  • Be willing to pay a service fee of $270.39 and a bag of jellybeans. Cash only, please. (I’ve just been informed that this sort of thing is not kosher, so don’t mind the last part.)


“The Ruminant Scribe” by Linda Mowles

“Helping Abuse Victims Fly through the Chaos” by Tammy Mathison

“Real Moms Don’t Judge, We Just Suggest” by Sheila Qualls

“You Can Trust Him” by Kim Nolywaika

“Kingdom Calling Blog” by kingdomcallingblog

“a different perspective” by William Strickland

“Father’s Service, Son’s Work, Spirit’s Gift” by Gadol Elohai

“Considering the Christian life, the Bible, and the Church” by Pastor Bob Mink by, of course, Beth and Jim Herring


“Under HIS Wings” by Loretta Schoen

51 thoughts on “Small Christian Blogs Worth Your Time

  1. Looking forward to reading some of these! May I also include a shameless plug for a wonderful man I know? His heart is to use his teaching and knowledge of biology plus his hobby of origami to spread the gospel, and he specializes in teaching young people the lessons God has embedded in His creation. You can check him out at I have been trying to help him get the word out, but of course if shameless plugs are not allowed, you can delete this. 🙂

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  2. It is so great of you to do this. I highlight other blogs or a post from time to time, or will suggest a blog to someone. I need to do it more. It is too bad there is not more of this going on – a spirit of helping each other. Some really good blogs may languish in obscurity, which is sad. Too many just seem to promote them self, and rarely another. By the way, is going with the follower number necessarily accurate? For example, with WordPress, follower number can include all your facebook and twitter friends (even though very few of them may actually read your blog!), people who follow through wordpress (many of whom, I find, only followed for self interest – their blog is about a product or promotion and they apparently hope you will take a look since they followed you), and e-mail followers. For example, I have 45 e-mail followers and the rest are all through facebook/twitter/wordpress. I consider my blog very small, despite the fact it says I have over 1,000 followers – I wish. But that is not said to get you to promote my blog. haha. : )

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    • Yeah, I probably have a few who aren’t really interested in my content. I’m also not sure whether WordPress is accurate – my own Reader figure, for example, is about 35 followers behind for some weird reason.


  3. This is great Brandon. Appreciate the links – there are thousands of fantastic writers out there, but I don’t have time to go through all, and I believe relationships are intentional things, so if I do decide to follow a blog, it needs to be one I want to keep in touch with. This really helps because if someone substantial is looking for substance, then their recommendations will usually be substantial too. I really do appreciate your quest for depth.

    That said, now, I won’t, as someone else said above, have the time to read them all. Joking! I’m squeezing in or making the time, in bits and pieces, believing that God will add or multiply as He thinks best.

    The blogs compete with game or chat time with family, so they often get stood up. Thankfully, they don’t seem to mind. The blogs, that is.

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      • Absolutely! In fact, what you did was a really generous gesture, which did also a huge service to people like me who are always strapped for time, and for whom recommendations like yours are a real service.

        Appreciate it much, brother!

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  4. Hey Brandon, I do have less than 100 followers, and I produce posts fairly often and that are fairly long!. Regarding maturity in Christ, I know that I’m growing in Him, I’m closer to Him now, than a year before or five or ten! But you’ll need to decide if it shows in my writing 😁
    So far I’ve written on (some) names of God and am in the middle of writing about the books of the Bible, (I’ve finished posts on Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Matthew and Mark).
    My blog is
    Thank you for being willing to get the word our for young, fledgling writers.

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  5. Brandon, Just an opinion of mine, when the blog is too lengthy I would say many times people just don’t have the time to read it all. It’s a world now of fast moving information. So less is better, getting to the point keeps the blog interesting.

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