Small Christian Blogs Worth Your Time II: Brainy Edition

You know the search bar at the top of our WordPress reader that says “Search billions of posts”? Yeah, that’s not intimidating at all.

Small-time Christian blogs have a hard time getting noticed in the midst of all of humanity’s blogging output (especially if we start getting censored, as happens on Youtube), so I’m doing my best to bring some new eyes to the quality ones.

I’ve already done one such post. This second installment is (mostly) for bloggers with a more theological or apologetic bent. If you’re into that sort of thing, you should enjoy this list (though, again, I make no guarantees that you’ll agree with every take on the disputable matters).

I can’t list 5,834 bloggers, so to qualify here, you must:

  • Produce posts that are semi-frequent and long enough to be of substance
  • Show Biblical maturity
  • Have less than 100 WordPress followers

I had more qualifying blogs left over from my first post, but ironically, several of them have gone over 100 followers (congratulations!) in the intervening months. So here’s ten that haven’t yet – though y’all will soon see to it, right?

Dive in.


“Faith, Philosophy, and Science” by Scientific Christian

“Blessed to Offer Spiritual Support” by Barbara J Couch, BA, M.Div.

“Theology Still Matters” by William Hemsworth

“my soul tells” by Sheila Gardner

“Showing the true word of God” by H.O. Ojewale

“Meditations of a Blue Collar Christian” by Robert Sparks

“Devotional Thoughts” by Brian Shiroma

“a Christian Lifestyle Blog” by Brandi Bond

“In God’s Holy Word” by Seb

“Faith, Politics & A Southern Accent” by Will Marler

19 thoughts on “Small Christian Blogs Worth Your Time II: Brainy Edition

  1. Thanks for sharing these blogs Brandon. I appreciate your insights concerning how difficult it can be for bloggers to stand out from the crowd, particularly Christian blogs sharing their faith. Keep up the good work! I greatly enjoy reading your posts.

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  2. Keep up the good work. Everyone of His people are to have an expression and a voice.

    “He that believeth on me, as the scripture hath said, out of his belly shall flow rivers of living water”

    The expressions should be as endless and unique as is His glory.


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      • That’s nice of you, thanks! BTW I can’t help but notice all your references to your family dream. I was thinking you need to ask the Lord to send you on a mission here to Ireland. In our small Evangelical churches we seem to have an abundance of lovely young ladies that I could introduce you too! Just saying, while you’re praying! 😀


  3. The follower thing is superficial too. I have supposedly 297 followers but that is no way an indication of how ‘successful’ my blog is because i never get more than 15 comments or likes and all from the same people, so it is clear to me that I only really have 15 – 20 true followers. Many people follow someone in order to get followed back and bump up their popularity stakes by looking more with it than they really are. So in my experience, the ‘follows’ thing is just a number.

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    • I certainly agree in part. I get some of the weirdest names following me (“EroticMassageParlor”…LOL, yeah sure, like I’m gonna follow that one) and I can only imagine how some of them chose ME hoping to get a followback.


      • 🙂 Yes I guess for all of us it’s a test of pride. We say we aren’t bothered about popularity but sometimes we pout when we don’t get much feedback. I agree with you that we need to just keep on doing what we belieive God has called us to do and to spend much time with him so we are writing what he wants us to say. Thanks for your great blog.

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  4. Brandon,thanks for mentioning my blog. I’ve changed the name for the final time! It’s now called, Musings Of A Blue Collar Christian. I’m trying to focus on writing my own material, with an occasional quote from someone I respect. I had a blog for 11 years on Blogger. I had over 170,000 hits during that time. I posted a lot of teaching from well Bible teachers on my site, and that drew a lot of traffic. But I decided to switch over to WordPress. Even if only a few people read it, that’s OK I’m just trying to be faithful.

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