Appreciating My Top Likers, Part II

This post exists to appreciate those who like my blog posts consistently, by pointing back to their blogs as a “thanks”. With all the endless content out there, blogging is an ocean. I figure the least I can do is foghorn people towards others’ content. As always, folks, I am honored and confused to have your followership.

I did a post like this about ten months ago. While reviewing that post in order to smithy this little sequel, I noticed how many of the bloggers mentioned in that first post have dropped off the face of the planet in the intervening time. Probably about 60% remain active. Kind of a sobering note of how life grabs at us and shuffles our priorities. Blogging is one tough mistress. Hope to see them back soon.

Below (in no particular order) are the Top 25 likers of this year’s original posts on I cannot promise that they’ll match your spiritual tastes, only that they are active and that you won’t be blasted with X-rated hijinks upon linking to them. Enjoy, and leave a comment in order to encourage them!

Following Him Beside Still Waters
Sarah J. Callen
Makayla Nielson
Marques Jeffries
Robert Hansen
Mike Polinske
Those Who Sin Differently
Adewumi Peter Blog
Lynn Abbott Studios
Sherline’s Whatchu Thinkin’ Blog 
Elihu’s Corner
Dorissa Vanover
Michael E. Lynch
Jesus and Green Tea
Debra Pedrow
Beholding Him Ministries
The Lost Coin Blog
Fractured Faith Blog
Sue Cass
Smiley Riley

Honorable mentions:

maranatha2018 10–

I wanted to show these three folks, too, but…they didn’t have a blog that I could find! If do, and you’d like to drop a comment specifying where it can be found, I’d be happy to link to it.

In fact, I wanted to show everyone. But I had to make a cutoff somewhere or I’d be here all year. Sorry! If you stick around, you might make the next batch… 😉

I’m also happy to note that many of these bloggers are millennials! It’s nice to know that I’m reaching my target audience, though, of course, I’m more than happy to have the older ones as well.

Enjoy Easter week and try not to gorge on Cadbury eggs too much.

35 thoughts on “Appreciating My Top Likers, Part II

  1. Thanks for the shout out Brandon. You’re always welcome to visit me anytime. I always enjoy visiting your blog as well. Imma check out the others you have here on your list. Some I’m familiar with and some I am not. Have an amazing weekend! – Sherline 😀

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  2. Thanks for the honourable mention! I’m curious why you couldn’t find a blog post to link to…. Is it a technical mistake on my part?
    Anyway enjoy your Easter! And keep writing… I always look forward to reading your posts 😃

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  3. Thank you for mention, brother Brandon, I am grateful when I came here on WordPress your posts inspired me to keep working harder especially your writeups on blogging. God bless you.😊

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  4. Oh wow, thank you for the shoutout! ❤

    I've noticed that same thing – many wonderful bloggers that used to update regularly last year aren't any longer.

    I certainly do plan to stick around! 😀 I never expected to find such a wonderful Chrisitan community on WordPress, and I can't imagine leaving it.

    I can't wait to check out these bloggers – I haven't been to many of these blogs before.

    I have been pleasantly surprised to see a lot of millennials on here too. If I may ask, are you also a millennial? 🙂

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