Appreciating My Top 25 Likers

Let’s see, what do I have to do today?

Cook for next week, ponder the mysteries of the universe, cut my toenails, worship practice, and ah yes – appreciate the bloggers who like my posts consistently!

I am humbled, confused, and honored to have so many people following my blog and enjoying my raving dribbles. This post is to acknowledge the folks who have offered likes consistently, and been doing so for a long time, with a link to their own blogs. Alas, there are too many people to name. If you didn’t make the list, don’t worry, I still love you!!! and hope you’ll stick around – but I did have to establish a cutoff somewhere. Either that or be here all day.

Some of these names are probably familiar to you if you’ve been around the Christian WordPress blogging scene for a while (like Wally Fry, forever pictured standing on a beach in his profile. A beach. Must you torment us all Wally???!!!). But some are small-timers at the moment, and I figure everyone could use the exposure.

I make no endorsement of whether the contents of each blog will be to your spiritual tastes, but I can at least promise that you won’t be ambushed by a pageful of erotica.

Julie Sheppard
Nickel Boy Graphics
Jonathan Sorenson
Wally Fry
Carole Duff
Minister Aldtric Johnson M.A.
J. David Peever
Mike Ridenour
Lydia Thomas
Jack Flacco
H.M. Davis

P.S. If I didn’t include a link to your blog, it’s because I couldn’t find one. Here’s how to fix that.

Thanks again, everyone.

21 thoughts on “Appreciating My Top 25 Likers

  1. Ha ha ha ha! That cracked me up, Brandon. It used to me me in a suit, but I though I needed to lighten up a little bit and not look so uptight. Since it’s winter 8 months a year where you are, I can see your consternation. Thanks for the mention, though, brother.

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  2. I cannot believe that you included me in your list! I just started! I am amazed and honored! It is your posts that keep me encouraged and strengthened day by day!

    Liked by 2 people

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