We Must Never Become Black Holes

Brandon J. Adams

holeI’m stoked. To convey this illustration, I get to be geeky – I get to explain the nature of a black hole, an exotic celestial object of great lifelong fascination to me.

Black hole are collapsed stars, grown so dense that their gravity, out to a certain distance, is strong enough to arrest their own light. Since an object is only seen by the light it sends to your eyeballs, a spherical region around a black hole appears, well, black to the outside observer. The star is still inside, but forever hidden because its light can’t escape.*

For a long time, I was a black hole. Sucking everything in, emitting little. God was working on my inside, but it was a process.

Several years ago, I chanced into a dating relationship. We had a good five months before she called it off. It happens. (She’s married now.) But it was a revealing…

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2 thoughts on “We Must Never Become Black Holes

  1. Amen!! Whenever I need to talk or lean on someone, I pace around the room and talk with Him as if He is right next to me pacing too. It’s awesome to see how the black hole was connected. Thanks for sharing. 😊


  2. Beautiful writing! I’m not a Christian, but the sentiment still stands – I felt alone, angry for no reason and just tired of this world. Allah helped me become content. Visiting the mosque, reading His word gave me a sense of fulfilment that I realised I could only get from my relationship with Him, not with others. Keep on writing such wonderful content!


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