He Has a Place for You

I’m falling a little ill, so I’m going to content myself with a reblog of a previous post today and hope Thursday brings calmer waters. If you know what I mean…

Brandon J. Adams

Some of us fear being useless.

I’ve known many people who “need to feel needed”.

I guard myself against the motive as best I can, for I know it’s inappropriate to seek good works and ministries just to fill my own voids. For one thing, it’s not about us. We’re to do things for God’s glory, not our own fulfillment. For another, work is a harsh mistress. It lets you down, fails despite your best efforts, withholds the kudos you may well deserve. If you’re looking for your fulfillment in work, it will let you down.

But sometimes, my need shows through.

So I turn to God’s Word instead.

For we are his workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared ahead of time for us to do. (Ephesians 2:10)

And I’m reminded that God instilled us with a desire to contribute so that he could fulfill…

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5 Tips for Christian Bloggers on WordPress

I realized recently that the blogging community is an ever-shifting thing. Boredom and busyness shoot many of us down from this beloved hobby, leaving only the grim, scraggly survivors. The landscape is different than what it was when I first started spewing my thoughts back in…2015, was it? Goodness. How time (climbs into an SR-71 Blackbird and) flies.

In light of the fact that I have so many new followers, I thought I’d offer some humble thoughts on how to blog best as a Christian. This 5-part series is a fusion of conventional blogging wisdom I’ve picked up (e.g. pick a good title, visit other blogs, don’t like your own posts because it’s really tacky, etc.) plus some kingdom thoughts on how to do this as a Christian. Because naturally, once you bring Jesus into something, everything changes.

I hope you get something out of this today.

In the meantime, would you mind saying a quick prayer for me this weekend? A friend of mine are going on a three-day hike in a nearby wilderness; safety and strength would be nice.

Brandon J. Adams

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Trying to draw more traffic to your WordPress blog, Christian? For those trying to build a larger audience (say, to snag a potential publisher), here are five things I’ve found helpful.

1. Go to them

So you start a blog. What then? Drop it in front of Facebook friends and sit back, counting on them to bring you newcomers? That might not work. Your friends are loyal, but not necessarily doctrinally compatible, voracious readers, or oozing spare time out the ears. To widen your base, you’ll need to find new “regulars” who are. And you aren’t going to find them by waiting for them to stumble upon a blog they don’t know exists. You’ll have to go to them.

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Darwinism is Failing, Failing, Failing…

Evolutionary scientists are admitting that Darwinism need to evolve. It has failed to account for the diversity, ingenuity, beauty, and sheer imagination of plant and animal life in our universe. They still refuse to consider intelligent design, but let us pray that they get closer. The love and forgiveness of Christ awaits them and all who will assent to removing their junk-science blindfolds.

Reasoned Cases for Christ


What the vast majority of the information that is provided below focuses on is the conflicting beliefs that all that we see and all that we can scientifically investigate in our world and the universe, either points to having been created by undirected random chance (Evolution) or an unidentified intelligent causal agent (Intelligent Design). Intelligent Design does not specifically identify the intelligent causal agent as God and consequently is not based on Biblical sources. Where Biblical sources are taken into account would be where Creationism comes into consideration.

We live in a materialistic world, where what we have been taught in school and in many universities is the prevailing materialistic worldview. Materialism is the view that everything is ultimately material in nature. At the most fundamental level, everything that exists consists of nothing but matter and energy. Everything is governed by the basic laws of physics and, in principle, can be…

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Spurgeon on Secret Sins and Practical Atheism

I’m back with original work, but every once in a while you stumble across a post from someone else that makes you just want to retract into your own belly button with conviction. This is one such post.

The Isaiah 53:5 Project


“I hold that secret sin, if any thing, is the worst of sin; because secret sin implies that the man who commits it has Atheism in his heart. You will ask how that can be.

I reply, he may be a professing Christian, but I shall tell him to his face that he is a practical Atheist, if he labors to keep up a respectable profession before man, and then secretly transgresses. Why, is not he an Atheist, who will say there is a God, yet at the same time thinks more of man than he does of God?

Is it not the very essence of Atheism—is it not a denial of the divinity of the Most High when men lightly esteem him and think more of the eye of a creature than of the observation of their Creator? There are some who would not, for the life of them…

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3 Tips for When You’re Misunderstood

Ipointt’s frustrating having your motives misunderstood.

Sometimes people will innocently misunderstand. Other times they’ll deliberately twist your motives because they dislike you. It’s a part of life; we all will face it sooner or later.

Sometimes – and I’ve seen this in the lives of friends recently – it is your excellence that will get people distorting your motives. Though they don’t realize it, they’re irritated because they see you working hard to do your best, and it makes them insecure.

Or it might be that you made a mistake, and people will try to decode why without having all the information (i.e. without asking you).

If that’s your situation today, you could be friends with David.

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A Beef with God

I listened this last weekend to a podcast from a respected Christian author. He’s often told of how God has a way of getting his by disrupting his fishing trips. (I suspect this would get the attention of many a man.) The fishing was terrible until finally the man, having learned to look for God in the small things, asked, “God, what are you saying? What is this about?” He felt God’s reply was, Your hatred of me.

I suspect many of us have a beef with God over something. Lingering disappointment. Heartrending tragedy. The state of the world.

There are answers for all this, theologically. But it doesn’t always reach our hearts, our emotional fault lines.

I would know this. I’ve taken unexpected blows, like my family’s collapse, that God neither stopped nor undid. And every once in a while, some resentment towards God reveals itself in my soul, like a Rottweiler peeking out from a garbage pile. (I saw that on a pizza run this last week and it seemed to work here as a metaphor.)

On that pizza run, I prayed something like this.

Lord, forgive me for my bitterness towards you. I have no right to be angry with you. Not after the cross. Not after the empty tomb. Please give me strength to put aside my resentment towards you. Help me forgive you. 

I know that the idea of “forgiving God” sounds theologically scandalous, since God is incapable of wrong. But if you think about it, you can stand in need to forgive someone whether they committed wrong or not. You can be bitter towards a hiring manager who turned you down years ago for a badly needed position simply because you weren’t the most qualified. You can hold a grudge towards another driver who slid on impossible ice and hit your car. Bitterness is a funny thing; it doesn’t actually require moral wrong. It just requires someone…or Someone…who had an agenda different from yours.

So I prayed for strength to release my simmering resentment of his agenda in my life. And I prayed for new revelations of his love.

They came.

Like the spray of a waterfall after a thirty-mile desert hike, they came. In the same quirky, personal ways God shows his love to me, they came. Once the resentment was out of the way, they came.

I have no delusions that the garbage-clearing is over. It will likely be a layered, ongoing event.

But on the days when your beef with God arises, clear it out. Release him from your resentment. You will know his love again in fresh ways.

Back from a Blogging Sabbatical

Hey, everyone. Good to see you.

I haven’t blogged many new post for the last two months, and I think I’ve already made one other post apologizing for this, so I’d better get back to it in earnest.

But it was good to take a break from it. Every once in a while, you find that something you once enjoyed has become an expectation and it sucks the life out of it. Blogging is hard work. You not only need to post, you need to visit others’ blogs, like their stuff, comment on it, not because it’s an obligation or to get visibility, but because they’re working hard too and they deserve some kudos. 2.5 years of that is due for 2 months break. Right, guys? …guys?

Anyway, I’m going back to original posts Mondays and Thursdays starting next week. Tune in and have a great day meanwhile.