6 Spouse-Related Reasons You Need Jesus More Than a Spouse

I had the chance to clean this article up quite a bit. May Jesus pull all of us closer to him.

Brandon J. Adams

ringI’ve never been married. But I have been very interested in marriage.

The divorce of my parents led me to one of the most fervent prayers I’ve ever made – “God, don’t let me end up there.” It’s the kind of prayer God is eager to answer. His first lesson? Much of the answer takes place before any vows do.

And the greatest answer of all is…Jesus.

I know. I can hear you sigh. You’ve heard for years that you need Jesus more than a spouse. But he just seems so boring compared to romance and white picket fences and sex and babies. He honestly seems unrelated, other than saying “no” to your longing.

But indulge me for a second. The fall of my family prompted me to keep my eyes and ears open for “what it takes” for a thriving marriage. It got me watching older couples, gleaning from them, reading every…

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One of My Favorite Scriptures

For you, Lord, have delivered me from death,
    my eyes from tears,
    my feet from stumbling,
 that I may walk before the Lord
    in the land of the living. (Psalm 116:8-9)

Power in Weakness

I don’t want to have weakness. I want it gone. But God is thinking on a higher plane.

Hard Times Ministries

My grace is sufficient unto you in thy weakness

Paul teaches us here in this lesson that our greatest strength involves surrendering our entire person to God.  As humans, we struggle to maintain control over our will=–a will that is mostly for self-determinism. Self-determinism is opposite to God’s calling so thus, we must practice at times to obtain this status.

Even casual studies of the bible indicate that the Lord calls upon broken vessels for His purposes. Where we might wish we were strong, our strength should come from submission to God’s will for us.

This is counter to common sense, yet this biblical truth empowers us as spiritual creatures for our spirit man to grow.

So then, it is really not us who is performing the acting fighting of the spiritual wars on this earth, it is our Lord Jesus.

Our task then becomes simple: we are to submit…

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Escaping Prosperity Gospel

I’ve often wanted to hear from someone who grew up in the grip of the Prosperity Gospel and found their way out. Here’s an article from someone who reached escape velocity from one of its central families. Great read. May God deliver more.


Do You Trust God to Reward You for Your Sacrifices?

If you’re faced with a steep choice today.

Brandon J. Adams


The Jesus you love will cost you, millennials.

That message has largely been lost in this age of emotional Christianity. But Jesus himself said it so insistently, so repeatedly, that we can conclude this: if sharing the Gospel is not costing you, you might want to ensure that it’s really the gospel you’re sharing.

The Jesus who did so many wonderful things – ate with outcasts, railed against Pharisees, whispered “neither do I condemn you” to the adulterous woman – also said some other things, difficult things, which many Christians my age hesitate to accept. He compassionately asks us to release cherished sins. He urges us to put his Word before our deepest feelings and most precious relationships. He commands us to look to him, not the world, for our definition of love. He speaks of hell. Often. He calls us to tell decent, law-abiding citizens that their efforts are not enough, and that only turning to…

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How to Let Go of Our Christian Heroes

This week’s news that Senator Ted Cruz (or, supposedly, whatever staffer runs his Twitter account) liked an X-rated tweet reminded me of this post. I’ve got nothing against Cruz. He’s a fantastic Congressman who probably did no wrong. But it’s striking how many conservative voices are refusing to consider even the possibility that a hero of theirs might slip up.

Brandon J. Adams

walkingThis week, Jen Hatmaker stepped in it.

The popular progressive Christian author and speaker, in an interview with the Religion News Service, stated she believed that “gay relationships are holy”.

Before I offer my stance on this*, I want to talk about something else: our reaction.

For as soon as I read Jen’s words, a swell of something hit my chest, and I wasn’t sure whether it was a response to Jen’s doctrine, or pity for her.

The moment Jen made her claim, you knew what was coming. She’s been hit with a tsunami of harsh rebuke from every corner of the earthly church. Smug responses, in some cases, like this from the Christian satire site Babylon Bee. Piling on. Without the nuance of face and voice, I can tell you that this wave of response has already struck some people as self-satisfied, angry, and alarmist – everything Christian millennials (like…

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What Will It Take to Make God Happy?


My last teaching job was in 1994. When I re-entered the teaching field a few years ago, I noticed teachers were talking about a new-fangled tool called a rubric. What in the world was a rubric? So I used “the Google” (something else that didn’t exist in 1994) and learned a rubric is a chart…

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