Some More on James 1:13-14 (AMP)

Barbara J Couch

James 1:13‭-‬14 AMP

This Scripture has been on my mind for a couple of days especially the second half of it, “But every person is tempted when he is drawn away, enticed and baited by his own evil desire (lust, passions)”. I had also been reflecting on something I had read on another blog.

Basically, temptations draws away, entices and baits. It’s not by accident that the person who wants recovery ends up relapsing when they start hanging out with people who are using. You put yourself there. It’s not a mystery why the person who wants to quit smoking begins again after they go into the smoke shop to buy gum. You put yourself there. It’s not by accident that the separated person calls and wants you to meet her at her hotel room at 11pm at night. Before you go your lust already has taken over.


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4 Reasons You Should Follow God’s Timing

It is quite easy to always want to accomplish things according to our own timeline. We make our schedules and plans but do we always seek God and wait on his timeline. I could tell many stories of the times I sought to do things according to a timeline I though was wise and things ended up not…

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3 ways to guard the single women in your life

Yes, yes, yeeeessss.

If all you ever ask a young single is “Soooo when are you going to get a move on and find someone?”, don’t be surprised if they grow up thinking there’s nothing else to the Christian life. Here’s what to do instead.

I can’t remember which pastor said it recently, but I remember the illustration, at least for the most part. It went something like this — if you board a plane in New York, and the pilot sets the plane to fly one degree off course, you might not notice it so much if you were […]

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The Sufficiency Gospel

“…the most dangerous lies are always subtle distortions of the truth.” It is true that God wants to bless us. It is not true that the health-and-wealth teachers have the right definitions of blessing. Mature Christians are aware of, and shun, their twisted prosperity gospel.

But have you heard of the sufficiency gospel?

Adam Desmond


I’m fairly certain that most of you are familiar with the prosperity gospel.

This evil distortion of the truth tells us that God wants us to be happy, healthy and wealthy, and if we will only name and claim our covenant promises, God is honor-bound to give us our inheritance.

If you’re familiar with the true gospel, you know why this is a distortion of the truth.

God does, in fact, want to bless us. And we do have covenant promises that God will always honor.

As I’ve said before, the most dangerous lies are always subtle distortions of the truth.

But have you heard of the sufficiency gospel?

It is much more subtle than the garish, heavy-handed, gilded lie of prosperity.

If you’re on Facebook, or read any popular Christian writing, I’m guessing you’ve been introduced to the basic concepts.

As with all truly successful lies, its foundation can…

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Don’t Ask Why

I offer you a morsel from a blog I just started following. Very good piece about seeking God instead of insisting on the Romans 8:28 explanation. Sometimes our need to seek God is the only reason for our pain.

A Whole Lot of Jesus

You lost your best friend. You spent three years in a terrible relationship. You didn’t get into your dream school. You’ve been unemployed for months and your efforts are only getting you rejection letters. You lost your mom to cancer. You’re struggling. You’re hurting. And you can’t figure out why God would do this to you.

So often we get caught up in trying to understand God’s ways and why He would allow such pain into our lives. We scramble through articles and the Bible, ask people over and over, and cry out to God asking him ‘why’. And when we can’t seem to find an answer we ask why we haven’t seen God in all of this? Where is He? But listen dear heart, don’t worry about why God is doing all of this.

God can turn even the worst situation into good. He can take what’s been…

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Praying St. Patrick’s Breastplate

I wasn’t planning a reblog today, but I forgot I did this post a year ago. So…enjoy!

Brandon J. Adams


Religious holidays tend to get so buried by superficialities that we forget their meaning. We have to fight for the meaning of Christmas. But there is a rich history and tradition behind almost every holiday, one which can breathe new life into our reach towards God.

Take March 17, or St. Patrick’s Day. It’s not about luck, beer, the color green, or mischievous small legendary para-humans.

You know the handful of pioneering saints who carried the name of Jesus on such vast scale that we sit envious in church hearing about them? St. Patrick was one of them. Enslaved for six years by Irish pirates, Patrick returned years later to Ireland as a missionary. Through him, God transmitted his gospel throughout that island nation, making Patrick one of the pivotal figures in the Christianity’s spread to Europe.

There is a prayer that’s attributed to this fifth-century saint. Though this prayer is often recited by those who follow the…

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Envy is a Filthy Liar

Last fall, a blogging mentor of mine welcomed me to guest-post on her blog. I had the perfect story to tell, thanks to a timely lunch with a high school friend I hadn’t seen in fifteen years. Ever had one of those revealing conversations that completely reshapes your viewpoint on your past? This was one of those, one that exposed some deep lies about my self-worth. The piece actually got picked up by an online Christian publication!