Thankful For My Life – 12/26/02

Years ago, Interstate 10 tried to kill me. It had an accomplice…my own stupidity.

Fortunately, God was bigger than even that dynamic duo. And his deliverance left me wondering just how much room we have to complain to him over suffering.

Brandon J. Adams

Many of us speak of our first car with fondness. I am foremost among them, but not for the reasons you’d think.

It was the day after Christmas, 2002. I was driving my Dodge Intrepid down Interstate 10 from Luke Air Force Base in Phoenix, where I was stationed, to visit my grandfather in Tucson. A nap attack arrived – I swear it’s always around 1:35pm – and I figured I could fight the fatigue and keep driving. Older and wiser now, I advise thus: pull over and nap. It only takes twenty minutes to reset your body.

That day, somewhere north of Casa Grande, I nodded off. The freeway curved to the right; I did not. The rumble strips woke me up and I swerved hard right to correct – too hard. The back end of my Intrepid swung out left and took the rest with it. I remember only skidding into…

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Daylight Savings is (are?) Over!

Mitch Teemley

Attention, monsters:
Fall Back

 Note for anyone else still wearing a Halloween costume: This reminder applies to vampires, snow queens, princesses, wookies and superheroes, as well as normal humanish persons.

Thanks to Aussie artist Emma Kidd for the delightful monster!

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How to Stop Feeling Alone in a Room Full of People

via How to Stop Feeling Alone in a Room Full of People

On Staying Cool When Our Faith is Attacked

Excellent insight here. This guy puts his finger right on the instinctive defensiveness and fear we often feel when we see an assault on our faith – and what we can do about it. Thanks to Haden Clark for turning me on to this post.

There’s No Need to Panic (If What We Believe is True)


Removing the Mask and Finding Grace

Sometimes the scary thing is to remove the mask, not to put it on.

Brandon J. Adams

Jesus isn't fooled by our masks...and doesn't need to be.Every Halloween, I would disguise myself as someone who’s got it together.

I would watch as everyone donned costumes of fairies or vampires or Jedi (it seems to have been mostly Jedi the last two years) and pounded the rainy ground on October 31. They’d walk along the dark, gridded streets, collecting energy pills like a breezy outdoor Pac-Man game, and I thought those were their masks.

Before that, I’d come to church and sit amongst everything I am trying to become. Wise, selfless, surrendered believers. Countryside middle-classers. Leaders who understand how to influence people, how to get stuff done in a community. Couples in the glow of early parenthood who somehow show up to service perfectly coiffed and groomed despite the tribe hanging off their arms. Older families who have already raised their tribes into true-blue adult disciples (a more mammoth task every decade). Decent, hardworking folks who seem to be doing just fine.

And I’d think they…

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Are Christians Naively Marcionite in Their Theology and Practice?

The Old Testament points to, foreshadows, and proves Christ. To ignore it in “favor” of Christ is the height of weirdness.


Just recently, I was having a discussion with a friend of mine about how Christians approach the Old Testament. He happened to pass this quote onto me by Richard B. Hays who says the following:

Many “mainstream” Protestant churches today are in fact naively Marcionite in their theology and practice: in their worship services they have no OT reading, or if the OT is read it is rarely preached upon.  Judaism is regarded as a legalistic foil from which [Jesus] has delivered us.  (I once had a student say to me in class: “Judaism was a harsh religion that taught people to fear God’s judgment, but Jesus came to teach us to love God with all of our heart and soul and strength.”)  This unconscious Marcionite bias has had a disastrous effect on the theological imagination of many Protestant churches, at least in the United States….” – Richard B…

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The Power of Prayer…in a Brain Scan?

Powerful testimony here, and a scientific glimpse into the effects of prayer and meditation.

Love, Faith, and Tons of Grace

A few years ago I had gone through quite a rough patch. I was living a life I never thought I would live, a life that, to be honest, was never supposed to be mine. I was pretty into prescription drugs, living with emotional/physical abuse, and waking up in a new world every single day. I stopped going to church. I stopped thinking about my decisions. I stopped trying.

When I made the decision to step out of my old lifestyle and habits, I had so many emotions to unpack. I had built these unhealthy coping skills to manage all the chaos and uncertainty of my life. I dealt with so much shame and regret. I suffered from nightmares and anxiety directly related to some of the trauma I had experienced. I had mentally and emotionally reached rock bottom.

I began really leaning on God, because to be honest, He…

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