Is God Opposed to Your Dreams?

Brandon J. Adams

soldierAs I was wrapping up Air Force basic training (never have seven weeks passed so swiftly and so slowly), one of the final bureaucratic details was the chance to tell the Air Force our preference of first posting, for them to promptly ignore.

We were given a “dream sheet” on which to list eight desired destinations. We could select a base, state, region, or country.

Some of us got an insider tip: wait until tech school to file your sheet. For whatever reason, sheets filed there tended to be actually seen by someone, whereas those filed at basic vanished into the same black hole that has probably consumed all my socks.

So I waited until tech school, filed my sheet, and waited with bated breath for my posting. The sergeant announced them weekly from the podium outside the dorms, usually triggering jeers of fake sympathy for anyone getting “Why Not

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2 thoughts on “Is God Opposed to Your Dreams?

  1. This is really thought-provoking… God cares about the details of our lives so very much, but at the same time we aren’t here to just live out some crazy idea of the prosperity Gospel either… there’s a mission, a job, work to be done. There’s joy in that, and I think Christians who are surrendered to that end up finding even greater things than the world or our own dreams could ever offer. Also, my high school son is laser-focused on going to the Air Force, so good to know, lol.

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