When God Actually Answers

This weekend I received a massive, unexpected blessing. It came with a sobering cost, but it came, and it will allow me to make some changes I’ve long been working towards.

I’m still shaking my head at the out-of-nowhere nature of it, like a cat who smacked into a wall. God really does this stuff?

Brandon J. Adams

rainOur valley has been choked with thick, disheartening smoke for the better part of a month as our beloved Glacier National Park burns. It’s a tough fire to fight; Lake McDonald is a bowl, collecting smoke and giving it nowhere to disperse. Aircraft have reported being unable to even find the fire, so concentrated is the smoke.

(Note: this post was written in August of 2018.)

So, yesterday morning in church, we asked God to deliver the goods. We asked for rain.

He answered. That afternoon, a cold front bequeathed us a steady drizzle worthy of Seattle.

Today it not only continued, but turned into snow at higher elevations. In August. Granted, that isn’t actually unusual in Glacier, but this year, it couldn’t have been more welcome.

And I’m…kinda flabbergasted.


Happy, but disbelieving.

God healed my knee during a recent hiking trip. I know what my knee felt…

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4 thoughts on “When God Actually Answers

  1. Crazy isn’t it? How our minds still want to attribute God answering our prayers as coincidence. But every once in a while, God is His grace and mercy, answers our prayer with something that totally defies logic, comes out of left field, never entered our mind, to move us along in our journey of faith. My sciatic nerve in my left leg is problematic today, say a prayer for me Brandon, I’d appreciate it. Grace and blessings.

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  2. So happy for you, Brandon!! It’s always great when God answers our prayers in the way we want things to go, haha. I know He knows best, but it’s a really amazing feeling when things go better than you could hope for. I hope the rest of the year just keeps getting better and better for you!

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