“Your Prayer is Awaiting Moderation”

Brandon J. Adams

waiting“Your post is awaiting moderation” is something we bloggers see a lot.

When we comment on someone else’s blog, depending on their settings, our comments have to wait for their approval before they’re displayed.

Ever felt like your prayer is awaiting moderation? in heaven? For, like, decades?

Prayers have four answers: Yes, wait-then-yes, no, wait-then-no. In descending order of fun.

I once found it tempting to think that at least “wait” didn’t mean “no”. But I then found that…no, that’s not how it works. Sometimes he has us wait – for years – and then says no.

And that’s rough.

It’s one thing to get a “no” right off the bat. At least you can deal with it then, get past the disappointment. But years of waiting and then a no? It feels almost cruel. Hopes gotten up and then dumped.

We can dodge these unpleasant truths if we want…

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2 thoughts on ““Your Prayer is Awaiting Moderation”

  1. Cool post, Brandon. Ha! Our prayers do not go into moderation.God does not have a giant spam folder!

    Last night a pastor pointed out that when Jesus prayed for this cup to pass from Him, He went back 3 times! Three times He goes and prays the same prayer. We’re actually called to pray without ceasing, to be as persistent as the widow who annoyed the judge until he gave her what she wanted just to get rid of her. We are not annoying God or manipulating Him in any way, but the bible does tell us to be persistent. I think part of the reason why is because in our persistence we get the answers we need and the understanding. We learn to come into agreement with God, rather then being like children who can only see things in terms of getting a “yes” or a “no.”

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