The God of Winks and Lost Wallets

Funny story.

Brandon J. Adams

walletThe Neurotic Self-examination Department sent me a memo today: I haven’t been very personal on my blog lately.

So in the interest of shoring that up, I’m postponing my last Prodigal Son installment. I want to take time to get the theology right anyway.

Besides – I have a story in the meantime. If you want to know the delights of walking with God.

Last summer, I had an illuminating conversation in Subway with an old youth group friend I hadn’t seen in fifteen years. I linked to the story here, but basically, it was me and him ironically discovering we’d both envied the other’s gifts in high school and dismissed our own. It was the kind of talk that blows the lid off your assumptions about your story, leaves you madly reevaluating.

God’s message in it for me: “Stop envying, and stop resenting yourself.”

Like everyone, I’ve got attributes I wish I could change (not sin, just personality)…

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6 thoughts on “The God of Winks and Lost Wallets

  1. “It was a glimpse through the veil, a haunting, thrilling echo saying it’s all real, you’re not nuts, God is really right there, and walking with him isn’t boring.”

    Ahhhh, this is wonderful, Brandon. Good stuff! I was once a really beat down Christian, hating on those gifts the Lord gives us that we can’t really perceive as “gifts.” They are though, in the hand of the Great Potter, what we think we dislike the most about ourselves, can actually be our greatest assets.

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