Envy is a Filthy Liar

Last fall, a blogging mentor of mine welcomed me to guest-post on her blog. I had the perfect story to tell, thanks to a timely lunch with a high school friend I hadn’t seen in fifteen years. Ever had one of those revealing conversations that completely reshapes your viewpoint on your past? This was one of those, one that exposed some deep lies about my self-worth. The piece actually got picked up by an online Christian publication!



9 thoughts on “Envy is a Filthy Liar

  1. Wow. Just read it Brandon and that was awesome. I related to it in a painful way… as I too didn’t appreciate my better qualities while young- and wanted everyone else seemed to have instead. Praise Jesus for giving me courage to be ME. Thanks for sharing.

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  2. Positively AWESOME. Where were you when I was a teenager??!? Oh wait, you hadn’t been born yet. (sigh…) Better late than never. GREAT post! Is this somewhere on your blog by itself? Or is it published only on your friend’s blog?

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