God…Smiling Down On Me?

Another example of how I am slowly learning his pleasure and favor towards me.

via God’s Happy Face!

9 thoughts on “God…Smiling Down On Me?

  1. Brandon, as always, I love the candor and transparency you exhibit as you share your walk with Jesus. You are an encouragement to me. Thank you! (I also love the new look of your page.) Thank you for sharing this post. As I read it, some things came to mind as I walk my own journey of discovering God’s favor. I’m learning that God often grants me his favor many times a day, but I fail to see it because my vision is distorted by busyness or cares of life. I’ve asked God to change my perspective so I can see His daily ‘gifts’ which proclaim his favor. In answer to this prayer, I’m noticing small details of life I used to either ignore or take for granted. Simple things such as a refreshing time with a friend, the ability to belly laugh after a good joke, the trilling melody as a bird worships outside my window, the light shafts filling my room after a cloudy day, or noticing the splendor of God’s creation while walking the dog–all gifts showing His favor because He allowed me to experience them with Him. Scriptures state all good things come from God, so when I begin to actively look for His good things with gratitude I can see His goodness and favor more readily.

    I began to see life more fully through reading a book by Ann Voscamp “1000 Gifts” several years ago. She speaks to a time in her own life that was hard, and gifts seemed few. She started a ‘1000 gifts journal’ and began to actively look for God through the holes rubbed raw by life. This changed her world, and her book changed mine. God brought this amazing book at a time when life for me was very hard, and depression mixed with anger and bitterness were my daily lot.

    Daddy is so amazing, and I’m so grateful I’m learning to see the lavish love I was blind to all along. I pray that as you grow in seeing God’s daily gifts through gratitude, your world will explode into brilliant color. Blessings, Robin 🙂

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  2. Ahhh, sweet Brandon! I love what my blogging friend Michael always says, “God is in a good mood.” Something that has really helped me is realizing God has made a huge investment in me. You don’t give your very life for people you’re going to be cranky and disappointed in. You also look after the people you have made a huge investment in.

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