You’re Not a Loser for Starting the New Year Single

“God did not save and redeem you so that you would wallow in self-hatred.” My annual reminder to all Christian singles out there.

Brandon J. Adams

Every once in a while I’ll get triggered by an Internet meme, and ’tis the season for this one…


Or this one, along similar lines…


You get the idea.

I don’t know how serious people are being here, but let’s break down the labels contained herein (I won’t use the three-letter F word, you heard it enough in junior high):


I could see how the first three are negatives in your eyes. 1) is a problem. I pray for people’s freedom there. 2) and 3) are worthy of change – perhaps not necessarily evil (James 1:9), but we do want to meet our bills and take care of our bodies. May 2017 be the Waterloo of these obstacles in our lives. (Though even if not, our worth in Christ remains untarnished. Far, far from Loserville.)

But…single? How does that fit into a set of negatives?

There is nothing wrong with singleness. There is nothing…

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7 thoughts on “You’re Not a Loser for Starting the New Year Single

  1. Amen, Singleness is every bit of a blessing when you embrace what God has for you and not what the world says you should have. I can’t deny the fact that I’ve been able to accomplish more for God’s kingdom single than I’ve ever been able to accomplish in a relationship that was not the will of God for my life. So lift your head singles it’s truly a gift and not a curse. 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾

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  2. LOL! Cute post, Brandon.

    I had a chuckle over this, “God did not save and redeem you so that you would wallow in self-hatred.” Of course not! That’s what He gave us marriage for. All the self loathing you could possible need. 🙂

    I jest, but there is some truth there. It’s really problematic the way we idolize marriage, try to imply it is the cure for all that ails you. Those expectations soon become very unrealistic and marriage, even good ones, can then feel disappointing and lead to bitterness. In truth we go into marriage the same people we are single, it is just that our problems are now magnified times two, and reflected back to us by another person….24/7.

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    • ROFL…you’re terrible.

      I think the truth of it is, there’s a cross either way. Married or single, you will be carrying some cross. It’s in everyone’s best interest if each group tries to appreciate the other’s…wisdom can be gained, and empathy becomes much more powerful.

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  3. Each of us have our calling, The state of affairs we find one self in right now is the best place to be to serve God’s purpose. I would exclude all ABUSIVE situations but not singleness, wealth or lack, job or not, peaceful or turbulent relationships, you are where you are to witness to the most high living God. Do not lose your voice,, no matter what your life is now The Foundation of God on which you stand is sure for all eternity. Do your calling no matter what.


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