Easter Eggs in the Christmas Story

When it comes to storytelling, the writers of Lost have nothing on our Lord. He weaves hints, parallels, symbolism, foreshadowings, and callbacks throughout his narrative with the skill of a master. So exciting.

I have no words. Just watch.

7 thoughts on “Easter Eggs in the Christmas Story

  1. Good mornin Brandon. ☺
    That was a good story. I hadn’t thought about the sheperds being keepers of the flocks for sin sacrifices, and their being the first to know about Jesus because of the trade-off that affected their job. That never occurred to me. Good stuff brother.
    But whoever that guy was narrating needs to quit calling himself rabbi don’t he? Jesus said to call no man rabbi. He could’ve said , hey y’all I’m Joe, (whatever his name is) and here’s what I want to show y’all. ☺ I ain’t pickin at you Brandon, you’re doin a good thing by sharing your passion.
    Lord bless you, and good mornin.

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