Hillary Can Only Persecute the Church. Trump Could Destroy Its Witness.

caricatureI’m sorry.

I don’t want this blog to become political. Every other post is about my journey to become more like Christ and share my discoveries. To that end, I solemnly swear that his will be my only Trump-related post this year.

But after last week, I had to say something.

I can’t pretend the following thoughts are my own, though the pieces were. What snapped my scattered thoughts together was an article by Erick Erickson of The Resurgent. His work was much more eloquent, but pack-a-lunch long, so if you want the cliffs’ notes from a blogger with a parallel journey, read on.

Throughout this election cycle, I’ve been disgusted by the choices laid before us. Most of you can relate. It’s the culmination of a political system designed to reward ambition and sectarianism. Yet I felt compelled, by both duty and my fellow man, to make a choice. And the refrain generally foisted upon me has been, “It’s your Christian duty to keep Hillary Clinton out of office. The church will not survive her. Vote for Donald Trump.”

Yet I seethed against this argument.

I admit, it seemed to have merit in one sense. I certainly will not vote for Hillary Clinton. I have to embolden that sentence before I get dismissed as a liberal plant. Hillary is not even in the same universe as trustworthy to be president, and her agenda, typical of the political left, carries the threat of eroding our religious freedom and heritage.

Yet my conscience fought against the idea of supporting Trump, because by doing so, I would be endorsing a track record that I do not see as any more Godly – quite the opposite, in fact. You can scroll to the bottom of this post for my concerns on Trump’s character – it goes beyond just “saying mean things”, or even the lewd revelations of last week – because I’d rather just get to my point right now.

Which was…how could I look an unbeliever in the eye, after endorsing this sort of man, and preach the gospel of Jesus Christ with any credibility?

I sat on my concerns for a long time. I stayed quiet as Trump pulled even with Hillary in the polls. The voice inside said, Don’t bother. You’ll be labeled one of those panicky rabble-rousers you’ve learned to avoid. Jesus wants you to be tranquil and gracious about things. Let it go.

And maybe I was overthinking things. Maybe I was being too young and idealistic. Maybe some of these sins were fabrications of the liberal media (doubtful). And…just maybe, that conversion that Trump allegedly experienced a few weeks ago, in the presence of several well-respected evangelical leaders, was genuine and would lead to a change in his ways.

Then, last week, three things happened.

One was the revelations that Trump once had a cameo in a softcore pornography project and once pressured his soon-to-be-wife (the second of three) to appear in Playboy – even personally negotiating the fee. Great. Now he’s connected with this. If it were Clinton with “only” the cameo, we’d be all over him her. “Is this the example we want our children to see?” The level of involvement in sexual debauchery is irrelevant, just as me reading that Playboy “for the articles” would be.

The second was another bellicose Twitter rant from Trump, directed at some celebrity, that showed that if Christ has come to live in his heart, there’s little evidence of it yet. (I know – we can’t know someone’s heart. But Trump’s not making it hard to guess.)


A Nation’s Foundation

But the third, and the most influential for me, was Erickson’s piece. He reminded me that the truest strength of a country – bar none – is the vitality of its church, and a church’s vitality relies on its witness. The church is commanded to witness to the world, and its calling card is virtue. We are ordered to love, forgive, and pray for all men, including our enemies. We’re called to decry corruption, deceit, and love of money. We’re commanded to be examples of honesty, diligence, prudence, purity, and good deeds.

And I realized this:

There might actually be a worse danger to the country than Hillary Clinton and the persecution she might bring.

A Clinton presidency might well prove to be the red carpet to a new age of religious decay. It’s not a stretch to think that. The greatest threat from her inauguration is that she’ll appoint Supreme Court justices who will join her in her party’s assault on Christian values.

But Donald Trump could cause damage to another aspect of the American church, one much more powerful – and to which we owe a greater allegiance. Donald Trump could cause irreparable damage to the church’s witness, just by gaining the vote of its majority and becoming its sponsored candidate (which Hillary cannot credibly claim).

And the loss of that witness could be a far greater damage than persecution.


How Persecution Works

We Americans have a backwards view of persecution. Our store windows say “Happy Holidays” instead of “Merry CHRISTmas” and we flip our lids. Believers in Iran and North Korea are shaking their heads from their jail cells at our idea of persecution. Don’t get me wrong – it can be hard here. My heart goes out to Dick and Betty Odgaard, an Iowa couple who were ostracized for denying a gay couple a wedding in their church. But in India, there are believers who are dragged into the streets and beaten for their faith.

And some of them pray that it will continue! Can you believe that? I certainly have not reached that point yet for Americans, which is why I won’t vote for Clinton. But their reasoning makes an uncomfortable sense. They’re looking at us. They’re watching the American church get poisoned by comfort, becoming more complacent, tolerant of evil, and infatuated with prosperity of the bank account rather than of the soul, with each passing year. And they want nothing to do with it.

When I read Jesus’ words to his churches in Revelation 2-3, I see something incredible, which I have to think those Indian believers have also seen. Jesus seems to regard loss of love, not loss of freedom, as the worst case scenario for his people. 

Persecution does not destroy a church. It strengthens it, refines it, shakes out the chaff. Satan was deploying the “wipe ’em out” tactic against the church even as Revelation was being penned. It backfired on him epically. We know from history that the persecuted church exploded, swept throughout the empire and the continent. A millennia later, buried by years of false teaching, it reemerged through the Reformation despite more persecution, and through a series of events both fortunate and unfortunate, led to the formation of our own beloved United States – which now daily shames the martyrs who seeded it, with its decadence and loss of love.


A Damaged Witness?

For you know the next tactic Satan tried. “If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em.” Infect the church. Institutionalize it. Fatten it. Corrupt it with attractive but false doctrine. Fill it with hatred for fellow man, both inside and outside. Make it repulsive to the unbeliever. I don’t think any of my esteemed readers would disagree that he’s been most successful on the American front.

Could the church’s support of Donald Trump be another mutation of that corruption?

What good is the freedom to preach to a people who won’t take you seriously anyway? The Telegraph just published a piece entitled “Sex, lies and erotic videotape: How could religious conservatives nominate Donald Trump?” Normally I wouldn’t care what a worldly rag has to say…except in this case, they might have a point. The world isn’t expecting us to tolerate this stuff, not to mention any of the other sins listed later, and for good reason. “By this you will know they are my disciples, if you love one another” (John 13:35). And here’s a guy who’s running for president on a platform that seems to include everything but love.

Yes, there are human problems that Trump says he can address. Islamic terror. Illegal immigration. The destruction of our Christian heritage. Specters, no doubt.

But if the cost of addressing them is surrendering our hearts to solutions borne in fear and anger, and undermining our witness as Christians…?

On the other hand, we don’t need freedom of religion to evangelize (isn’t that a wonderful truth?). All we need is the peace of the Spirit to lift our hearts when consequences come. The Christian life isn’t a bed of roses; it’s a crown of thorns. Paul certainly didn’t wait for religious mottos to appear on the Roman monuments. He sang before the prison guards. And both the Bible and history have shown that persecution only acts as seeds to a church.

Persecution is nothing to be feared, if come it must. Our souls are sealed.

But we should fear the destruction of our witness.


The Choice Ahead

The most important issue for the church in this election is not the Supreme Court. The most important issue for the church in this election – just as in any other issue – is how we can shine like Christ today.

Is voting for Trump a sin? I won’t go that far. We can’t predict what will happen; Trump may yet be seized by Christ (of course, so might Hillary). Besides, every politician has skulls in his closet. Although they didn’t trot them out like Trump and make puppet shows with them at the podium – going beyond excuse-making to uphold vice as virtue. By making Trump “the evangelicals’ choice”, we align ourselves with these vices when we should be distancing ourselves. Would it really be unreasonable for the world to then view us with a skeptical eye? How can we speak the name of the Lord before the masses when we have not done what he said?

I fear the choice in this election is coming down to this: avoid persecution or compromise the Great Commission. Neither is appealing. Maybe you don’t see our choices that way. I certainly hope you’re right. But there are many Christians who do, and you should not be surprised that it leaves them firmly #NeverTrump.

Your response might now be, “Then who will I vote for?” That is not the overriding question for the Christian. The overriding question is, “How can I shine like Christ today?” Vote in your downballot races. They matter. There are third-party candidates you could investigate. In the end, your vote is between you and God, and we will not be divided by your choice.

But our civic duty must never be allowed to trump (sorry) our spiritual duty. There will be no American flags in heaven. We are called, above any other priority and consideration, to honor God.

The only argument for today, then, is whether that dilemma truly exists for us in this election.





Based on neutral research, Donald Trump has:

* Swindled thousands of Americans through hotel-lobby Ponzi schemes and is going to court over it in November (google Trump University);

* Bribed government officials who tried to investigate him (google Pam Bondi);

* Would order the military to violate the Geneva Convention – and basic human rights – by committing the war crime of going after terrorist families;

* Been sued thousands of times by small business and contractors whom he refused to pay for their services;

* Lost almost a billion dollars in reckless and foolhardy business ventures;

* Been accused of self-dealing (using his campaign for financial gain);

* Ran an unlicensed charity that was just today ordered to cease operations;

* Broke American law by doing business in Cuba;

* Targets his political and journalistic opponents with mocking insults and low blows against their families (I’ve literally taught seventh graders more mature than this);

* Has consistently degraded women (I left this until last because nobody seems to care about “saying mean things” anymore)



Please keep your comments civil. We’ve had enough bile in this election.


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14 thoughts on “Hillary Can Only Persecute the Church. Trump Could Destroy Its Witness.

  1. “The only argument for today, then, is whether that dilemma truly exists for us in this election.”
    You bet it exists. You have articulated precisely the uneasiness I have felt about casting a vote for this man. I want to believe that he made an authentic profession of faith. I pray that he has (or will). But it is too late to clean up his past and I cringe when I think what “evangelical” support of Mr. T will do to the church’s credibility. Realistically though, there are only two choices and, of the two, I hope Mr. T wins – without my vote. Freedom is a wonderful blessing and I pray we can enjoy it a bit longer. I honor those that have paid with their lives to secure it for us. But in the eternal scheme of things, freedom is not the most important thing. I fear the church is about to make the same mistake as the church in Germany during the Third Reich. Compromise for the sake of security is always disastrous for God’s people. Thank you for sticking your neck out.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. It’s a third option? Neither candidate does not? Trust the Lord, hi is giving whom he wants. “Trust in Yahweh with all your heart, And don’t lean on your own understanding.” “He changes the times and the seasons; he removes kings, and sets up kings; he gives wisdom to the wise, and knowledge to those who have understanding;”, “The king’s heart is in Yahweh’s hand like the watercourses. He turns it wherever he desires.”, etc.
    God bless you, in US, to His glory. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • I’ve considered that God might be giving us Trump, for whatever reason, but whether he asks the CHURCH to sponsor a candidate like this is another question, I think.

      Thanks for your comment!


  3. After much tortured introspection, this campaign season has left me outside the Christian faith. It pains me to say, with great sadness and an aching sense of loss, that I can no longer believe. I have come to realize that Christianity is merely a political movement.

    The list is almost endless: the other side is the “enemy”; two devout coworkers told me they pray for the assassination of Obama; Christians seem positive who is the Antichrist, and know the mind and will of God as it relates to history; the Harbinger book and the blood moons spell out that my beloved country is the great Satan in need of a great revival (although I have been to Bangkok and have seen true depravity). Why is it that God is using Trump as Cyrus was used, but it is impossible that the same can’t apply to Hillary? I have heard Christians say that Trump will fix those ni–ers when he gets in.

    I imagine it was the same during the Papal wars, the Reformation, during America’s founding–all politics and only politics. Jesus will vanquish the Romans, the Huns, the British, the Democrats. All those poor believers were just pawns to scripture intended to bend God to the will of man. And the story will repeat in the years after this election is long forgotten. My country will still be here, but Christianity will be further diminished in the hearts of the young who see it for what it really is.

    Damn, it hurt to get this out.


    • The things you hear are silly distractions at best, utterly unScriptural at worst.

      It mystifies me why the faithful and Biblically knowledgeable always seem to be a mere remnant, but that has been the pattern throughout history (and the Bible). I’d encourage you to keep digging. Find a faith community that really knows Christ’s teachings, and the attitude he calls for in his followers.


  4. You are 100% correct regarding Trump. I can’t see how any true believer in Christ could support or vote for him How can any Christians not realise supporting Trump makes an utter mockery of the beliefs, values your faith is meant to uphold as Christians in Christ’s teachings etc..I can’t think of any better way to counter-evangalise than have Christian’s seen as Trump supporters.
    Or any better way for to Christians to loose their way personaly by accepting Trump.

    What makes these agenda focused cowardly Christians trust that if Trump got in power he could be trusted to follow through in a range of vote inducing claims.
    For example I’ll make up how Trump could really handle the issue of abortion and Planned Parenthood:

    Were Trump in power he wouldn’t hesitate to find a way to facilitate abortions. Firstly, as it’s a money saver on kids that can be kept from being born who could need some govt support and others he wants to profit from aren’t pro life
    Sure he’d dump the Planned Parenthood organisation. You can make abortion just as available through privatised gynocological fertility clinics that just happen to also include abortions, which all must pay for privately. These clinics are expected to be nice in having fees to consider a persons income re fees in certain sevices. Just abortions, and steralizations, with the low fees allowing some super tax breaks.

    So he’s supposedly not having a govt support abortion in any way, but left it up to “the individuals own conscience”, “fair in a free country”.Well God gave man the freedom to choose between good and evil, who can question that? So anyones position and elected actions over abortion is really just part of this!
    That free choice would extend to any organisations, clinics, individual practioners. Plus there could be added tax breaks re low fees recieved.It evens a bit the playing/sevice field on some sevices to have the same freedom of treatment options. That’s mostly to keep attention off abortion, as it shuts up the squakers screaming about unequal access for poor women plus prevents some poverty births with greater social assistance needs.

    He’ll decide and anounce his govt doesn’t believe in interfearing in personal medical matters between practitioners and patients.Like people don’t want govt’s interfearing with Christian freedoms, homeschooling, raising kids by parents’ values, rights to bear arms etc…Guess what his evangelical pro life supporters being so shallow will think..?..they must of won,well mostly as Planned Parenthoods gone (got transformed into the Development Of Euthanasia Dept of Appled Research) The govt is not funding abortions anymore, has nothing to do with abortions, free choices, up to concience, yep we won!

    When enough Christians can become true witnesses to Christ’s love in action, consistent in upholding Christ teachings, having the wisdom to discern between the greatest dangers to preserving what reffects Christ,not justifying or upholding a representative of reprehensible behaviours and views,Then Christians can touch the hearts and minds of many more to not need to readily choose abortion, make others want what Christianity can add to their communities. No civil laws can make you have an abortion, stop you worshiping, make you do services against your beliefs-if knowing personaly unconcionable laws-don’t be a provider in those fields,so stop doing more than base wedding cakes for anyone, otherwise who cares about a gay couple’s imaginings over marriage? Do you ask customers if the donuts they buy are going to be shared with another gay lover.

    When Christians loose integrity, the real heart of Christianity is when they become impotent, fairly despised, viewed as hypocrits and help justify both laws against them and persecution.

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  5. Hi Brandon, thanks for following me, I have done likewise. I, like you, try not to do postings on politics but Trump certainly makes it difficult. I agree with this post. It is amazing what some politicians will do to obtain power and it equally amazing what some Christians will do to rationalize their logic of voting for Trump. I understand and am sympathetic towards their logic but don’t agree with it. J. Warner Wallace of coldcasechristianity.com had an enlightening post on this subject: http://coldcasechristianity.com/2016/why-making-a-case-for-the-bible-is-more-important-than-arguing-about-politics/ Should be an interesting four years. I look forward to reading additional posts of yours. Blessings.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Hey Brandon…I’m just responding to this post because I saw the title. I decided to check it out. When the election was over, I told a friend that I would have to keep up with the goings on at the White House. I wanted to know how he would be running the country, and how I should be praying.

    Brandon, I had to stop watching the daily news and the goings on because things became too much for me. Now the White House in a season of resigning. Some have just come on board, and they are leaving already! Talking about instability! There are days I just don’t want to hear a thing. Lord have mercy on the United States! Only He can keep us safe, and only He can direct our steps.

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  7. I’m literally stunned at the lack of Christian wisdom and grace displayed here. King David was a murderer and an adulterer and yet a God chose him to be King, even knowing all the things David would do. According to your list that would make David unfit to receive your holy vote. But I guess you have more wisdom than God.

    King Nebuchadnezzar was a demon worshipping maniac who committed horrendous atrocities against his enemies and yet Daniel told him that God had put him in power and gave him glory, wealth, and honor. Nebuchadnezzar most certainly wouldn’t fit your list and yet God chose him to be ruler. Jeremiah prophesied about his rise, rule, and reign.

    You do not know President Trump’s heart. But God placed him in power not your vote and your unbiblical disdain won’t keep him out of office.

    I suggest you read some Oswald Chambers, he states clearly that we are all capable of horrendous sins. To set your self above your brother is demonic. I also suggest you read and meditate on a Matthew 7; 3 to 4 too.


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