When God Moves Us Fraidy-Cats

23746683041_6dd4b048d1_zThis weekend, I helped someone move, and there was a cat involved.

Some cats handle moving better than others, staring wide-eyed with fascination out the window as a world beyond their understanding flits by.

This was not such a cat. She has to be the most timid beast I’ve ever met. For weeks, she has been crouched behind whatever will give her cover while her owner clanked dishes into boxes and thumped belongings around – the usual chaos of moving. At one point, once almost everything was packed up, she hid behind a book on the floor. A book. The front cover was upturned, and she hid her face behind it, rump protruding from behind.

And once she was safely in the car and there was nowhere left to hide, she simply turned her face to the corner and kept it there for the entire ten-hour ride.

I was tempted to make fun of her.

But then I saw myself in her.

The cat had no way to comprehend what was happening. It was beyond her. Cars, houses, moves, jobs, thunder, sunshine…she lacked the faculties to understand a tenth of it. All she knew was that she was being moved into an unfamiliar environment, without knowing how long, sound and fury all around her.

Yet the humans in charge knew it signified nothing. We knew it was an unremarkable move between states. We knew it would all be over soon, that she’d be okay, and that she would eventually grow into her new surroundings.

We are this cat.

When God moves us, it scares the willies out of us, honestly. We haven’t the capacity to see or understand a tenth of what’s going on. The spiritual clanks and crashes behind what we see and hear, the purposes of God in it all – it’s on the same level to us as elevators and internal combustion are to the average cat.

And so we turn our faces to the corner, and a little part of our hearts (maybe not so little) resenting God. We want our old place, our comfortable toys and occasional plate of tuna water.

But God sees a greater reality. Wonderful things are happening, or at least necessary. He knows our destination, knows his purpose, knows all the plans he’s carefully laid out. He is not callously throwing us to a new owner, or casting us onto the street.

He has packed everything we need and sent it ahead of us; he has arranged for its unpacking when we arrive.

When we drive through thunderstorms on the route, they will not destroy us; when the sun rises and sets on our journeys, he remains our light.

And most of all, he himself will be there.

And if I go and prepare a place for you, I will come back and welcome you into My presence, so that you also may be where I am. (John 14:3)

And though we hide from him in fear and frustration, he keeps pursuing us, like I did with this cat. He seeks us in our hiding places, turning over unpacked bags and blankets until he finds our trembling form, and reassures us.

Will we wander out again? Will we peek out from the maze of dollies and askew furniture, walk back up to our Owner, and take a drink from his water again?


I’m glad you tuned in today. If you found this post to be of value, please feel free to share it on social media. Thanks a bunch.

13 thoughts on “When God Moves Us Fraidy-Cats

  1. Oh I can definitely relate to this. God taught me patience this year and I hated every second of it. Change is not something I like. I am this cat for sure. Learning not to be though. Great post!

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  2. I had the same kind of situation helping my sister move this weekend, only she has a dog. Her poor dog was so displaced with all the activity, I felt so bad for her. Hopefully she and the cat will adjuster well to their new homes.  Hope you are doing good. Miss you. 

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  3. I am not a super-demonstrative person with emotion, but this one is so good. It made me get all misty, and that means it was very powerful for me. Such a perfect story picture for this lesson. So good…and so true. Fear is such a pit that some of us (/raises hand) fall into. It’s very much a symptom of troublesome unbelief, and your cat move example here is excellent imagery to use the next time I’m fearful instead of trusting. “Lord, help me in my unbelief” is a prayer a lot of us should make–and daily.

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  4. Thank you for this very insightful post! I am going to make a big move. The Lord has made clear it is my next step. It’s a lot of commotion that doesn’t make sense to my human eyes (yet). It’s so many changes all at once. But He’s in the midst of this!

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  5. From last Thanksgiving until the end of June, I had no job, and few prospects. It was a strange time. God provided a severance that run through May. But he brought me and my wife to the end of the provision we could see before providing what was next. He does that with us, and I don’t like it. I knew it would be, this was the third time He’s done that to us. But He refuses to allow me to “achieve” a job. He must provide it. It’s a strange way to live, and kind of unnerving. I totally get the small place of resentment toward God. I get through it, and let it go, eventually. But seriously? THREE times? I didn’t learn the lesson the FIRST time? I guess I’m dumberer than I thought.

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  6. Brandon, this is delightful and O so true! Thank you for allowing me to laugh through the pain of self realization. I’m so grateful God patiently and beautifully cares for us cats!

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