A Teasing Sense of Humor and How to Crucify It

Slowly becoming better at this. You might pray for me in this matter.

Brandon J. Adams

crucifyGrowing up and as a young man, I always had to be the guy in the room with the joke.

Always. Whenever anyone said something, my brain would immediately look for a way to turn it into a tease.

Combined with not being very good at it, this resulted in years without a lot of friends. As I grew older, I got better at it. At the teasing part, that is, unfortunately, not the “just knock it off already” part that people were no doubt wishing I’d master.

And then…I would wonder why I wasn’t getting anywhere socially.

Clueless, I tell you.

Then, for some reason, one day I started asking myself, “What do my role models do to engender such trust with people?”

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3 thoughts on “A Teasing Sense of Humor and How to Crucify It

    • That’s always a blessing, and God’s certainly given me a handful of tight friends who can handle my rough edges with unusual aplomb (and dish some back). But sometimes, their rough edges can get to me as well. So God has used them as both sponge and mirror in my life, and I’d like to clean things up a bit, especially before I marry myself.


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