It’s Not About Our Dreams

One of the most important articles I’ve read for a while.

Into the Foolishness of God

I love reading people’s differing reactions to big, juicy, topics of our day. I shouldn’t, but I do. The way people perceive the same things so differently fascinated me. My blog friend Jen Oshman wrote an amazing articleyesterday at the Gospel Coalition reviewing the newest self-help/Christian book by motivational speaker Rachel Hollis. I would highly recommend reading her thoughts, they are fair and Biblically sound. For something marketed to Christian women, there is reason to be concerned. The book pushes Jesus far out to the sidelines and encourages women to be selfish, self-absorbed, shameless social climbers and dream-chasers. Although I wouldn’t read it, lots of women I know do choose to pick it up and soak it in. They quote it and post excerpts because it makes them feel something, it stirs the mind, body and heart to get it together and do better.

We have to be able…

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5 thoughts on “It’s Not About Our Dreams

  1. Thanks for the heads up, Brandon. With my Christian book club now seeking our next book I’m especially interested. We are mostly “well seasoned” ladies, so we would recognize folly right away. Still, article saved for my next library visit (inadequate signal – yet again).

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