Christmas is Bigger Than Your Opinion Of It

Rewritten for the sake of…well, not letting it remain an awkward, stumbling piece of literature like it was the first time. Feeling a lot more excited about it now.

Brandon J. Adams

catIt was on a December 27th (long enough ago that I got the news over a corded phone) that my family was ending.

At least the blow waited until after the 25th, but is there really ever a “good time” for such things?

The result was a double whammy for Christmas. Not only was the month now historically connected with tragedy in my mind, but every family gathering since has screamed its ongoing incompleteness. The count in the room is always short.

Others have similar stories (and I’ve heard a lot worse). Christmas has a way of reminding you of what you’ve lost, or never had to begin with. A brief week of sanity before going back to the grind, fear, and disappointment.

So I’m the last person to tell anyone to “just get over it and celebrate”. The Bible defends our grace-given ability to approach God with our pain…

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6 thoughts on “Christmas is Bigger Than Your Opinion Of It

  1. Great post. Pouring out our hurts on Jesus doesn’t always feel right , but doing so gives us complete freedom. I read the one about your tree as well. Both posts are filled with encouragement and inspiration. God bless you and have yourself a merry

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  2. Thanks for sharing this again, Brandon. This is something that I didn’t realize I needed this Christmas. God truly is good. Thank you for letting Him use your words to encourage others. Merry Christmas!


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