6 Pieces of Advice for the Christian Joining the Military

Brandon J. Adams

CENTCOM CoCSo, you’re signing on the dotted line.

First thing I’d say is, thank you. Good decision. You’ve either got a lot of guts, a lot of devotion, or a lot of trust in God to be joining the armed forces. Or some combination of all three.

I served a four-year tour in the Air Force. It was all stateside, the only really notable aspect being that it took place in the immediate post-9/11 world. Over a decade since my separation, I still vividly remember the lessons – how they equipped me for the future and simultaneously cast a pall over my track record. I have regrets from those days that the grace of God is still chipping off.

So I humbly ask for your ear now, because I want you to do better than I did. Here is the advice I’d give for surviving military life.

1. Learn to admit…

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5 thoughts on “6 Pieces of Advice for the Christian Joining the Military

  1. Thank you for your words of wisdom. Thank you for signing on on the dotted line, your service as insignificant as you might think, shows your care in the oath you took with others of defending our country in any, every way. And even now, your sage advice is a welcome change of what you’ve learned.. Much appreciated!
    In a world that’s become an entitlement circus, your brave actions along with countless others are refreshing. God honors commitments, especially the commitment of helping others. A great thank you to all our military men and women! And prayers for a safety return home. God bless you all, always.

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