5 Tips for Christian Bloggers on WordPress

I realized recently that the blogging community is an ever-shifting thing. Boredom and busyness shoot many of us down from this beloved hobby, leaving only the grim, scraggly survivors. The landscape is different than what it was when I first started spewing my thoughts back in…2015, was it? Goodness. How time (climbs into an SR-71 Blackbird and) flies.

In light of the fact that I have so many new followers, I thought I’d offer some humble thoughts on how to blog best as a Christian. This 5-part series is a fusion of conventional blogging wisdom I’ve picked up (e.g. pick a good title, visit other blogs, don’t like your own posts because it’s really tacky, etc.) plus some kingdom thoughts on how to do this as a Christian. Because naturally, once you bring Jesus into something, everything changes.

I hope you get something out of this today.

In the meantime, would you mind saying a quick prayer for me this weekend? A friend of mine are going on a three-day hike in a nearby wilderness; safety and strength would be nice.

Brandon J. Adams

The sequels to this post can be found here, here,here, and here.

Trying to draw more traffic to your WordPress blog, Christian? For those trying to build a larger audience (say, to snag a potential publisher), here are five things I’ve found helpful.

1. Go to them

So you start a blog. What then? Drop it in front of Facebook friends and sit back, counting on them to bring you newcomers? That might not work. Your friends are loyal, but not necessarily doctrinally compatible, voracious readers, or oozing spare time out the ears. To widen your base, you’ll need to find new “regulars” who are. And you aren’t going to find them by waiting for them to stumble upon a blog they don’t know exists. You’ll have to go to them.

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