He Has a Place for You

Some of us fear being useless.

I’ve known many people who “need to feel needed”.

I guard myself against the motive as best I can, for I know it’s inappropriate to seek good works and ministries just to fill my own voids. For one thing, it’s not about us. We’re to do things for God’s glory, not our own fulfillment. For another, work is a harsh mistress. It lets you down, fails despite your best efforts, withholds the kudos you may well deserve. If you’re looking for your fulfillment in work, it will let you down.

But sometimes, my need shows through.

So I turn to God’s Word instead.

For we are his workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared ahead of time for us to do. (Ephesians 2:10)

And I’m reminded that God instilled us with a desire to contribute so that he could fulfill the desire. He has it all covered. We may have to surrender our need, our preference of work placement, and not grasp for it in our own way. But God will supply all our needs, if we look to him first.


3 thoughts on “He Has a Place for You

  1. Excellent post, Brandon. I think feeling needed helps us feel valued and feeling valued, we feel loved. Perhaps, this is the weakness of our flesh. Maybe it’s the two commandments working in concert? Just thinking out loud…as your post made me consider my own happiness when I feel needed. Is that selfish?

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    • I just don’t know. Perhaps its sinfulness comes down to our reaction when that happiness is denied. Like wanting riches – it’s not sin to want them, but it’s sin to mistreat God when we don’t get them, or to place too much emphasis on them.

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