Tactics: the worst mistake a Christian can make when doing apologetics

Good solution for all the “gotcha” arguments that are often presented in opposition to Christianity. If you can achieve the existence and sovereignty of God, a lot of tough issues fall into place. Let us pray that the Spirit moves amongst our friends and loved ones, for only he saves in the end.


I have a key that will unlock a puzzling mystery I have a key that will unlock a puzzling mystery

So, this is just an advice post for doing apologetics.

Here are three situations I’ve run into while doing apologetics in the last month.

First situation. I was talking with a lady who is an atheist. I had a copy of “God’s Crime Scene” in my hand, and she asked me about it. I told her that it was a book written by the guy who solved the homicide case that I asked her to watch on Dateline. She remembered – it was the two-hour special on the woman who was killed with a garrotte. She pointed at the book and said “what’s in it?” I said, it has 8 pieces of evidence that fit better with a theistic worldview than with an atheistic one, and some of them scientific. Her reply to me was – literally – “which denomination do you…

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One thought on “Tactics: the worst mistake a Christian can make when doing apologetics

  1. Great post! Have a question: The discussion was over fallibility of Genesis. Moses was not there so it’s a make believe story. I asked him how planets are formed, he replied from gases. I asked, how do we know this is true? He replied, “observations utilizing data from the Hubble telescope”. I had him read Genesis 1 in front of me, and then asked him, “How did a goat farmer (Moses) know that planets in their formation process were without shape and form?” After a few stumbles, I suggested that it was not Moses’s account of creation, but God’s account to Moses. So here is my question, so many creationists have different ages of the earth, which one do we use and why? Also why are new earth creationists so divided on the age?

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