God is Not Karma

“…most Christians think if we could only get the spiritual combination just right that God would then be willing to help us out.”

Made Alive and Making Art

Ever since my senior year in high school, my journeys in faith and fitness have always walked alongside each other. I got into Jesus, (like, really into Jesus) at about the same time I got into lifting, and looking back, it comes as little surprise that a lot of my encounters with the Lord have been more or less in the gym.

As cliché as it sounds, being in front of a barbell or on a tennis court reminds me a lot of what church feels like. I have a sense of comfort, a sense of familiarity, and a sense of peace whenever I start loading up forty-fives or taking serves out of a basket.

This is all great stuff so far, and I’m sure a great deal of athletes have a similar testimony to my own. It’s just that, despite having glimpses of God in the weight room or…

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5 thoughts on “God is Not Karma

  1. Karma is actually Hindu in root. This is the belief than the exact equal amount you put out is guaranteed to return to you. Not Biblical. Scripture says a man reaps what he sows. Some live like kings like the rich man in Luke 16. In hell he lift up his eyes…

    God is not mocked. We shall all stand before the Almighty God for judgment.


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