68 Factors Arguing for Earth’s Design

Say what you want about the fine-tuning argument and the old earth viewpoint from which this is written, but this still gives me chills.

Of the 68 factors discussed here that are perfectly calibrated to bring life to earth, I was previously aware of only 17 of them. From the galactic to the elemental, all points to the God behind the cosmic curtain.

Thankd to Bruce Cooper for pointing this one out.


5 thoughts on “68 Factors Arguing for Earth’s Design

      • So true! One fun analogy they use in the book is the Apollo 13 spacecraft. When I was still homeschooling my son, we went through Geisler’s book in his 9th grade year. After that chapter, we watched the movie to help the lesson sink it. Seeing the movie again through the lens of God’s provision for life on earth was incredible…

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