How to Stop Feeling Alone in a Room Full of People

This has been one of the worst things I’ve experienced, and Jesus doesn’t let me take the easy way out of it.

Brandon J. Adams

We all can feel alone even when surrounded by our greatest fans.

You probably know how this goes. Moments come where we feel something unshareable, something that seems to set us apart from the gathering. It might be a pain, or it might be a joy. Whatever it is, we know the others aren’t feeling it. It’s stuck inside us.

It’s the worst feeling.

Finding someone like-minded to us is cause for celebration, along the lines of finding a vein of gold on your property. But they seem few and far between. Our struggles pull us toward isolation.

This is often our God-shaped hole. There are parts of us that are just too deep for any human to reach. Those needs belong on the broad shoulders of God.Lost in a crowd?

However…God Himself did not intend for humans to live alone. In a stunning act of humility, He designed us to need each other as well. (It’s also one of His tools of sanctification…

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3 thoughts on “How to Stop Feeling Alone in a Room Full of People

  1. This was so very good, and honestly, very pertinent to what I’ve been struggling right now. It seems so natural for you to just pull back into yourself, to claim that you need your rest, that you need your time — and that’s a lot of you’s. When someone’s falling asleep in the cold the last thing you would do is let them rest, and when we’re freezing in the cold silence of our own aloneness, the last thing we should do is lay down. Thank you for this reminder, it was very needed!

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