On the Day They Shoot Me Down in My Pew

I’ve struggled to put words to the awfulness happening to American churches, so I’ll let Lori offer some instead. Wow. An aggressive, confident, and victorious posture she describes here.

Don’t make speeches on the day they shoot me down in my pew, voice raised in praise to the One True God. Shun the microphones, cameras, and interviews, loved ones, it’s a carnival show. Refuse to listen to the talking heads, politicians, haters, and those with ready answers. They are only now realizing we’re at…

via On the Day They Shoot Me Down in My Pew — Lori Stanley Roeleveld . . . Disturber of Hobbits

9 thoughts on “On the Day They Shoot Me Down in My Pew

  1. We must also remember that they killed Jesus too as he was praying to our Father. He could have stepped down…could have had angels intervene and ‘rescue’ Him, but that was not the plan of God. Aside from this mad gunman, they are going to hate us for our faith at any cost. Our efforts in faith and in prayer must be stepped up as anyone can see that there is far more ahead of us. The agony and pain caused by one unhappy man is terrible to the people and families involved. All I can say is that God is here. Even though it is bad, very bad, Jesus is here with us. God bless you all. thank you for your post.

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  2. You picked a winner Brandon, that sounded so much better than so much of the babbling I have heard on the news as of late. Repeat, repeat, repeat, stupid questions following stupid questions, following more stupid questions. I sometimes wonder if these folks who are doing the interviews ever took comprehension in school or do they just forget what they previous stated five minutes ago. No disrespect to those who lost loved ones or the heartfelt prayers that have been offered. Well done Brandon, well done Lori!

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