For Your Consideration: My Series

Not that this is a Pulitzer-winning collection of readings or anything, but I know some of you are like black holes when it comes to reading: voracious, like me. And all dark and mysterious. Well, maybe not.

So I thought I’d throw together a collection of the blog post series I’ve completed so far (five of them), in case you you were bored on a Saturday. Hope you enjoy.

The Prodigal Son
Be Careful What You Ask For
Sex Isn’t Making Anyone Happy
All the Wrong Reasons
He Runs to Us
Goodies and Godliness

Singles’ Training: How to View…
…Your Future Spouse
…the Kingdom

Pizza Lessons
The God Who Keeps No Score
You Never Know
Not Crediting God is a Sin?
Done with Judging
Down the Barrel of the Gun
No More Goodbyes

Adventures in Overthinking Prayer
Part 1
Co-Opted by Fear
Irritated by God’s Glory

Tips for Christian WordPress Bloggers
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5

6 thoughts on “For Your Consideration: My Series

  1. Thanks for putting this together, Brandon, it’s nice to have one place to follow a them around. Getting the big picture is nice and like most I am too lazy to look around. If it’s not right in front of me I am likely not to bother.

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