Back from the Czech and a Thank You

It was surreal to stand outside my own front door again last night. After the innumerable miles, an ocean crossed twice, gallivanting through the countryside of the Czech Republic by foot and bus and train, pounding the streets of Prague beneath soaring cathedrals, an entire world laid bare from 35,000 feet in the air, one door remained at the end of the trip to remind me of God’s faithfulness.

It was a great trip. I want to thank all of you who prayed for our effectiveness, finances, and safety over the two long weeks. I’ll share some experiences on the blog shortly.

I also want to thank you for continuing to read and comment on my blog while I was gone. I’ll soon be replying to the comments.

If you’d like to pray for us, please pray about the decompression phase – the come-down from the trip and its adrenaline and highs, the mediocrity of our regular lives and our old battles reasserting themselves, the hardness of saying goodbye. Pray that it goes well and that our hearts are caught by Christ. If you’ve been on mission yourself, you know these times can be tough – like the reentry from vacation, but multiplied by ten. Also pray that God will make grow the seeds that we have been privileged to plant and water in the hearts of the Czechs.

In the meantime, here are links to the Pizza Lessons series I auto-posted while I was gone. I hope you enjoy them while I get back into the regular swing of things, which might delay a Thursday blog post.

Part 1: The God Who Keeps No Score

Part 2: You Never Know

Part 3: Not Crediting God is a Sin?

Part 4: Done With Judging

Part 5: Down the Barrel of the Gun

8 thoughts on “Back from the Czech and a Thank You

  1. Welcome back! I like how you mention “old battles reasserting themselves”–especially in the mediocrity of the day-to-day. Sometimes it is these small daily choices that drag us down. I hope your efforts were blessed.

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  2. I am so very glad you were given the opportunity to go on this mission. It will be something that you will never forget. I praise God for how He kept you safe going and coming, and while you witnessed to the precious souls there. I am excited to read some of what you intend to share about your journey there.

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