All Paid Up for My Czech Trip!

Praise God. He has raised all the money I needed for my upcoming mission to the Czech Republic.

(This actually happened a few weeks ago. I would have posted about it sooner, but a medical issue arose that briefly called my participation on the trip into question. I’ll write more about that soon – suffice it to say that everything’s now fine.)

I want to thank you, dear reader, for any prayers you sent up for my fundraising efforts since I first posted about my trip. I really believe that prayer makes a difference, that God allows prayer to make a difference in order to get us involved in his work and draw us closer to him. Today is a great example.

When God provides financially for someone, he gets creative. It’s fun to watch. My barber called my haircut free the other day as a donation. Someone I barely knew offered me a donation in exchange for an old, non-working guitar of mine (her class used it for a project or something). My mission team did a dessert auction. GoFundMe is creativity. A lot of people enjoy GoFundMe because it’s simpler and easier to use – point and click – than a cornucopia of checks and support forms and where do I mail this and what do I write on the check and so forth.

Even if your only contribution to my trip was prayer, that is no small contribution. I now consider my prayer supporters part of the team. Those folks will receive updates and appreciation out of my desire for you to see your investment.

It’s not too late to join that team, by the way. Please pray for the hearts of the Czech citizens I’m visiting. Pray hard.

Anyway, just a little note on my progress. Thanks so much for your support.

17 thoughts on “All Paid Up for My Czech Trip!

  1. Praise God! I’m actually on the same path with funding for YWAM in September! I recently received a donation that covers more than 90% of my DTS! God is so awesome and I love how He provided for you and will continue to do so! Praying for God to use you in ways that will surprise you and bring Him all the glory!

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  2. Brandon, please forgive me for not responding sooner. I am so very happy that our Provider of all things has given you what you need for your trip. He is so good to us when we are doing a work for Him! Since He provided financially, there is a harvest of souls waiting to receive the true Word of God! God bless you my friend!

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