When God Actually Answers

rainOur valley has been choked with thick, disheartening smoke for the better part of a month as our beloved Glacier National Park burns. It’s a difficult fire to fight; Lake McDonald is a bowl, collecting smoke and giving it nowhere to disperse. Aircraft have reported being unable to even find the fire, so concentrated is the smoke.

So, yesterday morning in church, we asked God to deliver the goods. We asked for rain.

He answered. That very afternoon, a cold front moved in, bringing a constant drizzle worthy of Seattle.

Today it not only continued, but turned into snow at the higher elevations. In August. Granted, August snow isn’t actually unusual in Glacier. But the timing and location could not have been better.

And I’m…kinda flabbergasted.


Happy, but disbelieving.

I feel the same way about God healing my knee during a recent hiking trip. It wasn’t the Advil. I know what my knee feels like on just Advil. This wasn’t that. There was no pain at all, not even 1/10. I could walk in total confidence.

And again I’m…disbelieving. Did that really happen?

This is revealing a lot in my soul. Maybe it’s just the uncomfortable questions of Why not all those other prayers back through…I dunno, my entire life?

Or maybe it’s something more.

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