It’s Not the President’s Job to Lead Us Back to Christ – It’s Ours

No President has your access to the people in your life.

The 2016 election season is fast approaching. It’s like Christmas; it starts earlier every year. (Kanye’s already getting into the 2020 season. I wish I was kidding.)

And with the season comes all the trimmings: straw polls, televised debates, talk of which presidential hopefuls have and haven’t a chance…and amongst Christians, which candidate (Republican, of course) might “lead our nation back to God.”

My politically-minded brothers and sisters have the right goal at heart. We desperately need revival in America.

But it is not the job of the President of the United States to lead us back to Christ.

Recently my small group has been reading Multiply by Francis Chan. It addresses an unconscious fallacy in the church: that teaching and evangelism are primarily the work of people more gifted and talented than we are. That the job of spreading the Good News belongs mostly in the hands of pastors, deacons, and those with a television audience.

It’s a crippling lie.

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