The Stocks of Virginity

stocksSo much for “her body, her choice”, it seems.

Amanda Prestigiacomo of the Daily Wire wrote an article last weekend on actress Yvonne Orji and her decision to share with PEOPLE Magazine her desire to remain sexually chaste until marriage.

You can guess what happened. The Twitter peanut gallery lost no time attacking her with all the usual talk – how her decision wasn’t “healthy”, how she was affirming harmful patriarchal constructs, bad role model, quit flaunting your faith in everyone’s face, etc.

Man alive. Is it just me, or has the left gotten just as preachy as the right in the last decade?

Some might be tempted to say that these keyboard warriors are basically the Westboro of the left and don’t truly represent their attitudes.

But I can testify that Yvonne is not experiencing an isolated incident.

In the military, one cannot serve for long without finding themselves in one of those “everybody share their sexual exploits” conversations. Eventually, in each of my postings, it came out that I was a waiting Christian. I’d get mocked. Passive-aggressively, at times, depending on whether they liked me, but still mocked. “Doesn’t know how the world works.” On more than one occasion, I got labeled gay – despite the military’s “don’t-ask-don’t-tell” policy.

I’ve since mentored teenagers who get the same label in high school if they don’t date around.

How insidious.

How just like Satan to try stealing the joy of our obedience.

I hasten to mention that mockery does not constitute the worst persecution known to man. There’s something in reminding each other simply to keep a thick skin. Mockery shouldn’t catch us off guard if we know our Savior’s warnings.

But I know it still bugs Christian singles. It stinks watching dates up and politely leave when the time comes to share about your purity choice. It stinks spending Friday nights fending off Luciferian potshots like “virginity is easy when nobody wants you anyway”. It stinks outliving the enthusiasm of those True Love Waits rallies and being left in your thirties trying not to wonder if you’re really just missing out on the party.

And then society piles on by…

…well, fulfilling Jesus’ prediction that they would hate us.

Blessed are you when people insult you, persecute you and falsely say all kinds of evil against you because of me. Rejoice and be glad, because great is your reward in heaven, for in the same way they persecuted the prophets who were before you.” (Matthew 5:11-12)



We are blessed and already rewarded – whether we marry in this life or not. Imagine that. There is something already waiting in heaven with our names on it, given for our decision to honor God with our bodies.

That is such an encouraging thought.

Let people quack about the supposed medical detriments to virginity. There are those who have suffered far worse for the Gospel. The world may put you in stocks for your choices, but your stock in heaven is only going up.

I salute Yvonne for her example in letting her faith consume her life.

Blessed are you who weird out your dates for the Name.



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25 thoughts on “The Stocks of Virginity

  1. “Medical detriments to virginity ??” Good grief, I’m sorry but that is patently absurd. I know I’m preaching to the choir here, but what about the intensely high medical risk and emotional cost of sleeping around, not only for the people involve but for any children created in the process? I was not a Christian until after I married and I did swallow the enemy’s social lies hook, line, and sinker… and I can say without doubt that not remaining pure was among the worst mistakes I ever made for various reasons. Please ignore that nonsense – it is utterly ridiculous.

    To be honest, the idea that staying a virgin could have any health detriments makes no sense. Even a casual glance at the vast numbers of unwanted children, broken homes, and even the rise in STD infections should bring some cold, hard facts into undeniable clarity. The CDC mentions a rise in STD infections, and somehow “treatment” rather than “abstinence” is the preaching of choice and has been for a few generations now.

    Even putting morality aside and looking at the problem from a purely social and economic perspective (which I can’t really do in my heart but can logically knowing that it is necessary when talking with those who reject the idea of God entirely), there is a much larger social problem indicated by the so-called “casual sex” lifestyle. I guess for anyone who puts you or others under fire for making an actual good choice would be, “Who actually benefits from sexual indulgence?”

    Stand firm. You’re not missing anything fun…

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      • I know, but I guess it kinda gets me a little upset. Oddly enough, my friend and I were just talking about the HPV vaccine that most pediatricians are really pushing. It’s a lot of controversy, but the short version is she said she doesn’t want it for her kids, yet the doctor said something to the effect that “Let’s face it; they’re all going to experiment with sex.” My friend’s take is, of course, that they are not “guaranteed” to experiement (they are raised with a Christian worldview), but even if they do, there are consequences to poor choices.

        I find it so odd that the world’s view will accept certain things as “consequences” and yet pooh-pooh a choice to withhold a new and controversial vaccine (not all vaccines – just this one), as a poor parenting choice because it could protect the kid from the consequences of poor choices.

        I’m beginning to see why G. K. Chesterton wrote that it was the contradictory writings of atheists that drove him to see the truth of Christianity!! Ah, well. . . Sorry. Stepping down off my soapbox now.

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  2. Brandon, I wish I had kept my integrity when I was 21. He was my first boyfriend, and he pushed the pressure button. The next week I got saved, and he dropped me like a hot potato! You know what Brandon? I knew what the Bible said about sex outside of marriage, and I knew I was sinning. I rode home on the bus ashamed confessing my sin and wondering if God would ever forgive me. I was miserable. If I was given the opportunity to erase it, or make a different decision, I would gladly save myself for my saved husband. Unfortunately, life doesn’t give us do overs. If there is a young woman who is reading this, please heed what I have said here. Please save yourself from the pain of self-hatred and sorrow. When you meet that special someone that you marry, that wedding night will be very special for you and him. You waited, and sister it was worth the wait!

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  3. Yes! Waiting is actually one of the most empowering decisions a woman can make, I think! I’m not sure if “empowering” is an appropriate word to use for men in this instance. For both genders, God set up waiting so that it would be a blessing on earth and for eternity!

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  4. But its not just our virginity that we glorify God with in our bodies. Its also how we eat, how we exercise, and so much more. For me, right now, its my eating. I’m battling to overcome the world’s messages on eating everything and all the enticing food available and bringing glory to God in eating healthy and appropriately for a believer… It is so, so hard. But, I hope to winning this war on my body pretty soon – actually more on my mind as what I think dictates how I eat…

    Stand firm in your faith – waiting for that special someone that God will send your way is so worth the wait.

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  5. I have wished for many years that my first wife was my “first”, but she wasn’t. I had already lost my virginity to an older woman. I wish I had been truly faithful to her, but I wasn’t. The door to adultery was already open,so it was easier to step through it again, and again. I wish that I had saved sex for marriage with my other relationships, but premarital sex came far to easily. Yes, I knew better, but I didn’t do what I knew to do, and I have paid dearly for it.

    Take it from someone who has been there far too many times. It isn’t worth it to have sex outside of marriage, because God designed the marriage relationship to be a “one-flesh-union”, and sex is an integral-part of that union. Save yourself for marriage, and you won’t be sorry, or have regrets like I still do even today.

    Yes, God will forgive sexual-sin when we confess and repent of it, but He doesn’t erase the pain and regrets of it. They stay with us for the rest of our lives.


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