Which way are you going? (part 1)

“…one day, you find yourself wondering about that other road. You wonder what it was like over there. You wonder if it’s too late to turn back and travel the right road.”

Megan Reedy

two roads

According to a science website, the average adult makes 35,000 decisions a day. Some decisions are small, some are big. Some decisions are insignificant, some are important. Some decisions are life changing, for you and others.

Every single human being is faced with the same decision that will determine their destiny.

Picture this.

You’re walking down a road when suddenly you have a choice: do you go right or left? You see a sign to the left: “Enter for a good time! Do what you want, when you want it!” The sign to the right reads: “You can not do this journey alone. You will need help from others, but most importantly, you will need to trust in the One Who will guide you on this journey.”

There is a lively man to the left persuading you to go down his road. He has a lot to offer: money, a…

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