How important is my happiness?

This is an amazing article.

I am convinced that God cares about our happiness. Really.

But I am also convinced that we can’t truly be happy until we are holy and connected to God. Our definitions of happiness are what’s flawed. If we simply trust God’s definitions instead – and that’s difficult – then we will find it, and only then.

Elihu's Corner


“I needed to be happy, so I ____________________.”

How many different ways do people fill in this blank?

  • “…left my spouse.”
  • “…quit my job.”
  • “…stopped going to church.”
  • “…aborted my child.”
  • “…drank my sorrows away.”
  • “…took some “me” time”

How would you fill in the blank?

Or, would you even say this at all?

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2 thoughts on “How important is my happiness?

  1. I don’t really think of “happiness” all that much, what I have learned is to cherish inner contentment, because it seems to encompasses a wider spectrum. Grateful is another word that is associated with contentment, because it focuses on the many blessings I have received and am given, that gives my heart the joy and peace I feel. And you’re right about needing to be connected to God. Happiness is fleeting unless you experience the faithfulness of God. Blessings Brandon!

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