Are You in the Wilderness This Christmas?

“If you find yourself in the wilderness this Christmas, don’t try and power through it. You need to power down and allow God to reboot you. You need physical rest and spiritual replenishment.”

The light breaks through

A man walks on a path under a colorful night sky.

Youask, what is the wilderness? Here are thecharacteristics of the wilderness. A wilderness experience usually follows a season of highs. For Jesus right afterHe was baptized (which was more accurately a coronation), He was taking His rightful place as the final and greatest king of Israel. As soon as the event was over Mark’s gospel saysHe was immediately thrown into a wilderness experience where Satan would tempt Him after 40 days of fasting. Wilderness experiences usually happen when you are at the end of your spiritual rope. It is a time of seeking God’s will and direction for your life.

In a previous post, we talked about the valley. When you are in the valley you get to know Him in a deeper way becauseyou are forced to rest on Him. We enjoy Him on the mountaintops, but getto…

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