Hearing God Is Dangerous, But… (link fixed)

I absolutely love this article. A lot of our Christian doctrines are abuseable. Instead of throwing out babies with the theological bathwater, maybe we should just do things right, and with a surrendered heart.

Source: Hearing God Is Dangerous

15 thoughts on “Hearing God Is Dangerous, But… (link fixed)

  1. Good link Brandon. I had an experience along these lines once, early in my Christian life. It was my very first time witnessing to a stranger actually. It was at work even, and I could have been fired, Yet, the Holy Spirit directed me to dive in as clear as if it were audible. Of course, I don’t believe it was; I don’t think God speaks out loud to us anymore. Yet…it was as real as the day is long. But, the actual point here is the reaction of a fellow in my church. I was pretty excited about the whole thing, and just wanted to share it with a fellow I respected as a long time Christian. As soon as anything remotely like “God told me,” came out of my mouth, he shut me down quick and informed me that God only speaks through the reading of his Word. I happen to be more or less on board with that, but on the other hand, the very specific, strong calling of God is unmistakable. Being the ornery cuss I am(This fellow was a Deacon), I asked him how that came to be. He said, “Well, God called me.” I said, “Oh, really now?.” All ended well, and over the years this fellow is learning that some moving of the Holy Spirit won’t kill a soul.

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    • I generally agree with all that, Wally…Scripture is absolutely our top truth check and nothing that contradicts it is to be taken seriously. And I don’t expect audible voices, either. But the Bible is full of stories of God directing his people, and the lesson is, give everything to God. How on earth could that be a bad thing?

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      • Well, unless it is abused as in some of the cases quoted, it really can’t be. Unless God is placing on my heart(as we like to say) something counter Biblical, or telling me how the rest of you should act and/or do, then who can really criticize? This may sound harsh, but maybe some folks have not given it up, and are just peeved that God is not directing them the way they would like?

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  2. As human beings, we are inevitably going to make a mistake here and there when stepping out in faith: a word, an action, or such. We should always encourage others to seek God, pray and let God confirm. I’ve been on the receiving end of ‘carnal’ words not of the spirit, and words given to me that brought life. Test the spirit…see if it is God.

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  3. Brandon, I left a comment on the other post, but I’ll give you a summation on what I said. I was taught early in my walk with the Lord that I was not to have a passive mind. It could not be open to receive anything and everything that floats by. I had to learn to try the thought like I had to try the spirit to see if it was of God. It had to align itself with the Word of God. If it had no scriptural basis, it was tossed out. Even today, I question what comes to my mind. I pray for direction and understanding. I ask for guidance and understanding along with scripture verification. I don’t have time to be led astray in this day and time–especially at my age (64 mind you). I’ve got too much at stake in the kingdom. I’m too close and I’ve come too far to be fooled now. You understand what I’m saying my brother? We must all contend for the faith that has been delivered to us and we must all finish our course right down to the end. Hold on and hold fast to the end!

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  4. He Brandon,

    Thanks for linking to my article on “Hearing God is Dangerous.”

    Let me send you a copy of my book on the subject, Hearing God in Conversation. Just email me at: Sam [at] BeliefsoftheHeart [dot com] and I’ll send you a copy.

    I know that many people disbelieve that God speaks today. Do you mind if I make a couple points?

    Like you, I firmly attest that the only place we KNOW its God’s Word is in Scripture; and it is against Scripture that we measure all Words; and that God’s Word is final, and nothing we “hear” will ever contradict it; and God’s Word is complete for all we need for salvation and growth in Him.

    But does that mean God can’t speak to us (or nudge us) to pray for a friend at a particular moment? (It’s happened to me.) Or that God can’t “call” us to ministry? (It’s happened to me, and thousands of others who “don’t believe God speaks today outside His Word.) Or that God might not ask us to repent to a friend, or choose a different job, or turn of the radio and just pray?

    Scripture chooses many metaphors to describe his connection to us, and all of them are relational: Shepherd/sheep, King/subject, Friend/friend, and (breathtakingly intimate), Husband/wife. All these are relational, and the essence of relationship is communication; God calls Himself, the “Word.”

    God wants to speak to us here and now, and pray we hear His voice, like the sheep we are :-).


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