Losing My Religion

No shame in my “Reblog Matthew Winters” game.

Matthew Winters (Comeback Pastor)

If you’ve said, “I almost lost my religion”, I hope you go ahead and lose it. Go all the way with it. Don’t just get rid of some of it. Get rid of all of it!

Great advice coming from a pastor, huh😀? I think so. Religion is manmade. I have probably encountered more people with a manmade, mustered-up version of something God never intended. That kind of religion has created some of the meanest, snootiest people I have ever met. This is the kind of religion where people try to be good enough. They know the right things to do, say, wear, etc. The problem is that it is fake. The outside conforms, but the inside is dead and empty. Religious people strive to be “good enough”, and the only way to measure that is by comparison. We compare ourselves with others to see if we are better or…

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9 thoughts on “Losing My Religion

  1. Absolutely…not about religion at all. I can be religious about brushing my teeth everyday, but I can’t have a relationship with my toothbrush! Relationship with our God and Savior is everything! Thank you Brandon for another great post! 👍🏻✝️☝🏻

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