I prayed… The Father answered

While I do believe that persistent prayer has a strong basis in Scripture, this little poem is a wonderful reminder of the attitude we’re supposed to take into prayer. Not anxiety. Not impatience. Not demandingness. Instead, faith in the goodness of his character.

Love, Me

I prayed so hard and worried so

My heart was heavy and my spirit low

I tried not to let my impatience show

And the Father answered and He said, “No”

I prayed so long and pleaded late

I worked myself into state

I asked for an answer plain and straight

And the Father answered and He said, “wait”

I prayed in faith, my sins I confessed

I asked the Lord my life to bless

I did not plead and did not press

And the Father answered and He said, “yes”

So day by day your prayers and mine

Like incense rise to the throne divine

And we don’t feel quakes or see blazing signs

But the Father answers every time

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13 thoughts on “I prayed… The Father answered

  1. “Blazing signs” reminded me of the time I was telling my employer that I would pray about a situation and he said, “Sometimes, I think you expect red letters in the sky!” I answered, “Well, if God wanted to do that, He most certainly could!” I haven’t seen red letters yet, but I have been grateful for His loving answers, every time. Thank you for this delightfully powerful post.

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  2. Yes you’re very much right! God answers all our prayers, He says YES! to every prayers made from the heart, and the yes comes, the heart feels burden uplifted! I love prayers, it keeps me connected with the father.

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