3 ways to guard the single women in your life

Yes, yes, yeeeessss.

If all you ever ask a young single is “Soooo when are you going to get a move on and find someone?”, don’t be surprised if they grow up thinking there’s nothing else to the Christian life. Here’s what to do instead.

I can’t remember which pastor said it recently, but I remember the illustration, at least for the most part. It went something like this — if you board a plane in New York, and the pilot sets the plane to fly one degree off course, you might not notice it so much if you were […]

via 3 ways to guard the single women in your life. — Grace for the road

8 thoughts on “3 ways to guard the single women in your life

  1. Wow Brandon… This is excellent and my beliefs exactly! Sometimes it can be difficult to affirm where they are, especially if they are wallowing in the pit, mud and mire of life, but that is when they need it the most. And I have always found that as I do affirm and encourage, I gain even more understanding for them. It opens their hearts to more conversation and further encouragement…which is always my goal…not that I always reach it…I’m still learning too. ^_^ Thank you for this great post…young women, women of all ages, need this message, as do those of us who know and love them. 🙂

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  2. Brandon, thanks for sharing this. I’ve got a daughter I dearly love, and I’ve seen many, many faithful women, now pushing 50 (my contemporaries) who are still ‘waiting’. The question has lurked at the back of my mind for ages.

    I never match-make (it makes me balk), but the platitudes also are extremely unhelpful especially when people get visibly older and older. Only one friend of mine got married when she was pushing 50 (and hers is an interesting story), as the man is actually globally known as a Christian writer, and was also a ‘confirmed bachelor’.

    Anyway, all that to say, thanks for sharing something that draws attention to the real bottomlines. It’s quite timely with Good Friday and Easter around the corner, and with one more chance to make our choices and keep Him as the apple of our eye.

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